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Random Musings: I Honor The Silence….



“So Much Noise Surrounds Us (so many opinions, schools of thought, causes, rants, conversations, opposing viewpoints, etc..being pushed & pulled in so many directions until you feel torn apart)…I honor the Silence.
In that Place I Can Hear MY OWN Spirit Clearly…hear it’s wishes, what it craves, desires, and longs for..What It Needs.
In Silence I can Take the Time Necessary To Settle Into My reconnect to that from which I came…to BE nothing & everything simultaneously. To bask in the light of loves energy.
Thank You Silence for true moments of Peace” – words from the heart & soul of Twin Spirit

Random Musings: I Call Into Being My Reality…



“My Creative Self Expression is not limited to One Medium, One Form, One Experience , or One Platform. I Morph, Shift, Change, Expand & Flow as I move through each and every moment we call Life. I Call Into Being My Reality With Each Thought That Speeds Through My Mind, Wish That Moves Through My Heart, & Each Word That Rolls Off My Lips. I Have The Power To Shape the World Around Me So I Choose to Shape My World Into A Ball Of Positive Energy and Build It Upon A Foundation of Love” – Words from the Heart of the Soul that is TwinSpirit

Random Musings: Align Your Actions


Actions Speak


“Align your actions with the true desires of your heart, the inspiration of your spirit, and the words of your mouth.

Saying one thing yet doing another dilutes the bonds of trust and weakens your connections.

Stand tall in “Your” Truth…whatever that happens to Be.” –

words from the Heart of Twin Spirit  –

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Random Musings: What if Money Didn’t Matter? What Do YOU Desire?


My Beautiful Ugly World

What Do You DESIRE?

I Mean Truly Desire….

NOW Focus all of your energy on that which you truly crave and desire

See it Clearly…

Feel It…

Taste It..

Know that it is already Done…

Let it Move You…

Stir YOU

Awaken You..

and now


Wishing You ALL You Desire today and Beyond..

Wishing You Magic

Wishing You Beautiful.

With Love & Understanding,


ENOUGH BY: TwinSpirit (from “My Beautiful Ugly”)

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