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Random Musings: I AM LOVE…..



“Reminded last Night that Love is what I am, not simply what I do or give.
I never have to be afraid of giving too much love or ashamed & hurt when the Love is not returned for my purpose is Simply to Be and to Bask in Love.
My Joy, Happiness, & Bliss is not Contingent upon approval, acceptance, understanding, or reciprocity from sources outside of me, for none of those things can ever be a true guage of the Essence of the Beautiful Divine Spirit that is ME!!
I once again release myself from the prison of expectations & self doubt that Hold me hostage to the outside worlds opinion of Me and I redirect my Focus & Attention to those things that draw me closer and align me with the True Essence of Me…those things that make me smile, laugh, & glow.
Those experiences that excite me & ignite my passion. Those moments that stir my soul and Set my heart on fire…those moments of Bliss, for it is at those times that I am One with Source (God), Connected, & truly Free!!”
Shared with Love from the Heart, Soul, Body, & Mind of the Divine Being living this Earth Experience as TwinSpirit

Random Musings: Waiting For A Sign?


Waiting for a sign..This is it

Random Musings: The Longing……


longing heart

Longing to Love

Longing to connect…

Longing to share…

Longing to kiss…

Longing to merge…

Longing for home…

Longing to touch…

Longing to melt deeply into you…

Longing to breathe you in….

Longing to have you near….

Longing to speak freely all my heart says…

Longing to wake each morning to your lovely face…

Longing for the dreams I dream to finally come true…

Longing for YOU.

Your face unseen

Only felt you in my dreams

My heart knows the beat of yours from galaxies away

my spirit remembers the whispers of your soul from forevers again.

Will I ever see you again

ever feel you again

ever touch you again

ever know you again.

Ever feel complete again.


By: TwinSpirit


noun: a yearning desire