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Random Musings: Ode to C – You INSPIRE Me



“You are awakening in me parts of myself that I had concluded would never know the beauty of being loved and adored…I admit that at times I am unsure of how to simply receive the gifts you bring. I admit that letting you in frightens me so as it stirs up unresolved fears & past pains I have pushed down and tucked away ever so neatly.

Your kisses heal me, Your strong embrace makes me feel warm & protected, your sweet kindnesses make me melt and they do not go unnoticed but honestly I often am unsure of the proper way to show my gratitude and how blessed I feel that you have entered my life. So I simply smile and say Thank You. I appreciate YOU in more ways than I am able to communicate…

You move me, excite me, make my heart tingle, my soul says Yes. You Inspire Me. You make me believe that what I desire is possible. You calm me, reassure me, and I am finally realizing that I can put away the shield, let down my guards and let you in…It feels so good to Let YOU In” – Ode to C with Love Twin Spirit

Random Musings: All You Gotta Do is Say YES!!


SAY-YES cropped

“Many like to start the New Year off saying “NO”. I choose to start 2014 with the spirit of “YES” – A spirit of Openness & Receptivity. Don’t You ever get tired of saying No to life? Of depriving your heart, body, mind, & soul of things and experiences it craves. Of living in fear of what “they” will think about You. Of holding back & holding in things that your spirit desires to bring forth into this physical existence. Of playing it cool & being aloof. Of shutting down & turning off your feelings. Of wondering “what if”…Of being afraid? Of hiding who YOU truly Are & who you desire to BE?

Step BOLDLY into the New Year…Cast away the limiting beliefs of others that have shackled you into a stagnant state of perpetual doubt & worry. The more you learn to say YES to Your Hopes, Your Wishes, Your Desires, Your Longings, Your Cravings, Your Instincts, Your Heart & Your Soul, like magic those things that no longer serve you begin to melt away from your life. KNOW that Your Joy, Happiness, Success, & Peace are not Contingent upon approval, acceptance, understanding, acknowledgment, or reciprocity from sources outside of YOU. REMEMBER: All You Gotta Do is say YES!!!” – words from the heart & soul of Twin Spirit…Shared with Love 🙂