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Random Musings: Love & Magic



“YES…I am afraid sometimes of what being fully open to this experience we call life may be bring.

I get scared and want to hold back all of the beautifully wonderful gifts that being fully in the feminine allows me to tap into because being open, receptive, & vulnerable also leaves me open to pain…and if we are honest we are all deeply afraid of being rejected & hurt..”Again”.

But truth be told I would rather risk all the hurt & pain that life can throw at me if it also means that this openness will allow me the opportunity to submerge myself in the deep wells of Love, Joy, Gratitude, Grace, Peace, & Well Being that also Abounds in this experience.

With all my Heart….I STILL BELIEVE in LOVE & MAGIC” Twin Spirit

Random Musings: You’re A Mirror….


your a mirror


“It’s so easy to let past pains, disappointments, unexpected outcomes, & fears jade you to all of the beautiful possibilities life still possesses and offers in each new moment.

There are many painful experience’s that hide behind my smile. I have seen my fair share of pain & loss, been hurt so deeply at times during this life’s journey that I could barely breathe. I have been brokenhearted, left battered and wounded and wondering why. I have blindly chased those who didn’t love me and given myself away to those who saw no value in the gifts I came baring. So many times over and over and over again I have given all that I have in me to give with no sight of reciprocity on the horizon..Believing that if I just loved a little harder and held on a little longer that I could convince someone that I am worthy of Being Loved…..

And then like a refreshing breeze after the rain…..along came YOU….No pomp, no circumstance, no smoke, no mirrors…You sauntered into my life, with a quiet strength. Asking only that I simply be me and reminding me in your own beautiful ways that I AM ENOUGH. Reflecting Love Back at Me”


Confessions from a girl in Love by Twin Spirit