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Random Musings: Love Will Set Us Free…Get Free Ya’ll


“Fear is what they feed you.

That way they can lead you.

Away from your salvation into their treachery.

Awaken from your slumber, completeness is the number.

They tryna take us under…but LOVE will set Us Free”

~ Rules & Regulations By: TwinSpirit ~

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Random Musings: ChoozLove – Recycled, Repurposed, Reused


ChoozLove Designs By: TwinSpirit

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Random Musings: Just Keep Loving…



“Don’t be one who is afraid to love for fear that your love will be unrequited.

Love anyway.

For love is not dependent upon certain responses or expectations.

Loving others does not require you be in an intimate relationship.

You can not starve love within yourself and expect it to be readily accessible [if and when the right person shows up].

In order to withhold love from others, you have to withhold love from yourself.

Go ahead and love.

Everyone you meet may not understand or even know how to receive love from you because they themselves have limited their definition,perception, and understanding of what love is.

That’s okay.

It’s not a personal indictment against you as a human being.

But even if they reject your love, keep loving.


Because love attracts love.

And eventually, your love will attract the love of another and she/he will be available, ready, willing, and able to receive and return your love!!

So, keep loving because someone is waiting to receive your love and return your love unto you.

Remember, only love returns love.

Sex doesn’t return love.

Lust doesn’t return love.

Fear and pain, won’t return love.

Only love, returns as love.”

~ Dianne Rosena Jones

Such A Beautifully Written Expression Of What Resonates So Deeply In The Heart And Soul Of Me

Hope You Enjoyed,

TwinSpirit ♥

Random Musings: Air & Love



“Seeking the experience of Life (or as most of us say: Love) is like seeking air. It’s everywhere, all around – it need not be found, only recognized as Being.

If you were to seek air, you’d think it difficult to be found. You’d decide for a particular type of air, compare air, listen to what other people think about their air and your air. You’d develop air envy and all types of phobias that would interfere with your connections, your natural Flow with other living Beings.

As a matter of course, someone would start selling air (oh yeah, that’s already happening). Confused, you’d go on seeking the ‘right’ air that you ‘deserve’ cursing the very air you’re breathing, ungrateful and unsatisfied, as you seek the right air for you while you are breathing, freely. 🙂

Life (Love) is right here, right now, continually So. Nothing is missing, there’s nothing to seek. Just breathe, Love That you Breathe.” ~ Kimberly Virdure-King

I ♥ This…Hope You Enjoyed.
Always TwinSpirit 🙂



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