Music at its best is a stream of consciousness.

TwinSpirit gives us her best and keeps her performance real with a raw edge.

She sways from soulful poetic melodies to deep heart moving song.

As her name implies, TwinSpirit is not about conventions.

In fact, she might rather you see both sides of a thing just so you can truly know where you stand.

From where I stand, there is much to sing about.

The caged bird sings songs of hope and freedom.

The battered sing songs of grief. But what about birds and men who fly free?

This is where you might find her.

Part songbird, part revolutionary, part medicine woman…

a human being…just “being”.


TwinSpirits’ first single from her highly anticipated new studio album, ‘My Beautiful Ugly’ was the bass driven infectious anthem of FREEDOM for the soul, “Rules & Regulations”.

My Beautiful Ugly is part of a movement. The:SELF LOVE MOVEMENT. It’s simply about peeling back the layers. Revealing, embracing, & loving yourself, period. Finally allowing you to see and reconnect with the U of YOU. No mask, no expectations, no fashion statements, no agendas, no pretending, no dogmas, just the pure raw naked You…the “Soul”, In all its natural organic beauty.

TwinSpirit’s goal with the release of ‘My Beautiful Ugly’ and the launch of the Self Love Movement is to “inspire” by sharing via song the journeys and stories of others, people just like you and me, who have decided to be courageous enough to say “YES” to their Dreams, Desires, Intuitions, Feelings, Hopes, Creative Energy, and Passions…in essence their SPIRITS.

Those who have decided to say “YES” to living the reality they were born to live, who have decided to take the road less traveled, and live a life of Purpose on Purpose.

TwinSpirit is merely an artist who hopes to impact the world in a positive way doing what she loves to do…”CREATE”.

EPK(Electronic Press Kit) :

Learn More about The Get Nakked Online: Self Love Movement & My Beautiful Ugly

THE MOVEMENT: Self Discovery & Self Expression


WHAT IS My Beautiful Ugly?

Listen to the Answer Here

Rules & Regulations Video:

Rules & Regulations By: TwinSpirit

Enjoy & Please Share ♥ !!!!



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  1. …Escaped inside my fantasy to hide from your reality. Don’t be afraid… I am here for you! Rules and Regulations are not a part of my fantasy, you can set your own rules through your mind trip. You can release your soul and find your truth…. So nice to be a part of your beautiful ugly world…!

    • Thank you sooo much for stopping by for a visit and so glad you enjoyed the music. That truly makes my heart smile 🙂 I also appreciate the follow…Bug Hugs – TwinSpirit

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