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365 Days of Allowing – My Journey: Day 267- I Shine From the Inside Out




Many days it is a struggle
but I still shine
some days my heart is aching
but I still shine
many promises they breaking
but i still shine
my joy they never taking
cause I still shine
even when the tears are flowing
I still shine

the next step sometimes don’t know it

but I still shine
my love it just keeps flowing
and I still shine
spirit keeps on growing
it helps me shine
I do this cause I love it
The Shine By: TwinSpirit ♥
 ©2012 Beautiful Ugly Publishing

365 Days of Allowing – My Journey: Day 264- Looking for a Miracle? LOVE is what you’ll Find


We were taught a very bad philosophy, a way of looking at the world that contradicts who we are.

We were taught to think thoughts like competition, struggle, sickness, finite resources, limitation, guilt, bad, death, scarcity, and loss.

We were taught that things like grades, being good enough, money, and doing things the “right” way, are more important than love.

We were taught that we’re separate from other people, that we have to compete to get ahead, that we’re not quite good enough the way we are.

We were taught to see the world the way that others had come to see it.

Love is what we were born with.  Fear is what we learned here.

The spiritual journey is the relinquishment,or unlearning, of fear and the acceptance of love back into our hearts.

Love is the essential existential fact.  It is our ultimate reality and our purpose on earth.   To be consciously aware of it, to experience love in us and others, it is the meaning of life.

We came here to co-create with God by extending love.

Love isn’t seen with the physical eyes or heard with the physical ears. The physical senses can’t perceive it; it’s perceived through another kind of vision.

Metaphysicians call it the Third Eye, esoteric Christians call it the vision of the Holy Spirit, and others call it the Higher Self.

Love requires a different kind of “seeing” than we’re used to – a different kind of knowing or thinking.

Love is the intuitive knowledge of our hearts.

Love isn’t material.  It’s energy.  It’s the feeling in a room, a situation, a person.

It has nothing at all to do with the physical world, but it can be expressed nonetheless.

We experience it as kindness, giving, mercy, compassion, peace, joy, acceptance, non-judgment, joining, and intimacy.

When fear is expressed, we recognize it as anger, abuse, disease, pain, greed, addiction, selfishness, obsession, corruption, violence, and war.

That’s what a MIRACLE is:  a parting of the mists, a shift in perception, a return to LOVE.

Marianne Williamson


Reflections on the Principles of a Course in Miracles



365 Days of Allowing – My Journey: Day 261- Out Of Place



Sometimes I feel so Out Of Place

Like I don’t quite fit in this here space

I feel things in a way I wish others could

and when I speak I often feel misunderstood.

My mind thinks in waves, circles, and sounds

and my heart beats to a rhythm that only I have found.

Like I live in a realm that only I can see

and I love in a language only few hearts can read.

I want to connect but feel pushed away

so I retreat within and there I play.


Some times the world is filled with so much noise

too many comings & goings

should be’s  & should be nots

when stillness and silence is what I crave.

Not the absence of all sound

but the absence of judgements

the absence of prisons of thought

that keep us locked in and trapped

unable to breathe and see beyond the tips of our noses

constant criticisms & rants about

what shoulda, what woulda, & what coulda.

the absence of that silent scream of disapproval

of all ways of life that differ from our own or that we don’t understand.

That invisible boundary line

that keeps us disconnected and separated one from another

that blockage to love

that suffocation of BEING


By: TwinSpirit

Shared in Love……

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365 Days of Allowing – My Journey: Day 259- Once You Awaken




There is nothing more I can add to this most enlightening statement.

Love & Light,

To My Fellow Souls

Be yea slumbering or wide awake.


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Random Musings: I AM Unapologetically ME


“I smile from the deepest most honest places of the soul of me…My Happiness is genuine & eternal, my Joy unshakable, for it depends not on forces outside of Me but is inspired from the fire inside of Me. I AM unapologetically all that I AM and Me is all I ever need to be.” – TwinSpirit ♥

TwinSpirit-“Changing the World One Ear at a Time”


Photo Credit: TT Coles ( Terra Tarice )