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Random Musings: This Time…I Choose Me



LOVE Me Boldly!
No timid intentions.
Let your actions speak loudly the desires of your heart.
Uncertainty breeds insecurity, so
if you want me, then show me.
If you’re unsure, that’s fine you see
Just please step aside, because
I Choose Me.” – TwinSpirit


Random Musings: To All of my Lovers Past…Thank You!!


thank youTo all of My Lovers Past: Thank you for teaching me that the love I seek is one that is extraordinary. Thank you for showing me everything that I don’t want, so that when I finally come face-to-face with what I do want—I’ll have the courage to go after it. Thank you for showing me that I don’t want someone to be only half in love with me, or to merely appreciate me—but to leave them breathless. Thank you for leaving me with my loneliness so I could find my way back to myself. Thank you for placing me in uncomfortable situations which forced me to embrace, appreciate, explore, trust, understand, honor, value & Love Myself First ~ with LOVE Twin Spirit

Random Musings: When I Say I Love You…What does it mean?



“When I say, I love you, it’s not because I want you or because I can’t have you. Nor is it about what you can do for me or what you can’t. It really has nothing to do with me. I love what you are, what you do, & how you try. I’ve seen your kindness and your strength. I’ve seen the best and even the worst parts of you. Each part…all of it, even the broken pieces, make you who you are. And I see you, understand you, & LOVE you exactly as you are”. ~ Twin Spirit

Random Musings: Getting Unstuck…



“Sometimes it’s not that our prayers aren’t answered or our dreams don’t come true…It’s often that we are not prepared to receive them when they do.

We get stuck and We ALL Get Stuck. Paralyzed about a decision, unsure what choice to make. Stuck in resentment or disappointment we can’t quite seem to recover from. Stuck in a plan that’s not working as anticipated. Stuck in a destructive or repetitive dynamic. When we are stuck things can seem immovable, overwhelming, & hopeless. But I have Good News!! They Aren’t & things can Change.

Amazing opportunities come to us all but many do not know they have met them. So when Life reaches out for you, even if it takes all the courage you have inside, You have to reach back.”

~ from the heart of the Spirit living this life experience as Twin Spirit

Random Musings: Beautiful Places in GA that I Love…


I don’t think some people realize how beautiful Georgia actually is. It’s such a diverse place to live. We experience the beauty of all 4 seasons..there are Mountains, Beaches, lakes, rivers, gorgeous landscapes and a diverse population. Culture, Arts, Music, Food, all abound. I am posting some of my favorite places in Georgia. Maybe they will become some of your favorite places too ~ Shared with Love


Random Musings: Love is a Team Sport…


love is team sport“Love is a Team Sport. Players on successful teams work together with a unified sense of mission – “together” working towards a common goal.

They strategize together, train together, trust one another, & support one another. They know one another’s strengths and weak spots and they use this knowledge to always cover one another during lifes tough games. They communicate their next move and together hit basket after basket.

They run their plays over and over, which makes them strong and able to handle any situation that might occur. Even when they are tired and things get difficult they stay in the game until the buzzer sounds. When one play doesn’t work they simply execute another. They don’t give up, they just play harder.

On & off the court, they encourage and push each other to do and be their best. And no matter what the final win-loss record, these are the teams that shine, grow, stick together, & have the most fun.

As a unit they work together with a sense of mission, they flow, they experience a oneness that benefits every area of their relationship. It’s never only about one’s always about what’s best for the team. They are Family. They win at love and life….Together they are Champions!!!” ~ by Twin Spirit