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Random Musings: Moment of Gratitude



All in all I have a pretty great life. My circle is small but the care, love, support, & friendship runs deep. I get to spend lots of my time doing things I genuinely enjoy with people I genuinely enjoy. My family is good and most days my heart is full. Are there challenges? Of course, but even those create the opportunity for me to dig deeper, to push forward, and discover my strength. It’s easy to get so caught up in the illusion of “the struggle” that we forget just how good our lives truly are. While they may not be filled with every little thing we want if we take an honest inventory I bet we will find that they are filled with every thing that we truly need. This moment of #Gratitude brought to you by the letter T (thankful). ~ always Twin Spirit www.iAmTwinSpirit.com

Random Musings: Radical Honesty


radical honesty 2


Are You COURAGEOUS Enough To Be Honest?

To be honest with yourself and others can be a difficult thing, because, in order to be honest, you must be courageous enough to take a look deep into your psyche and confront your weaknesses, fears, & insecurities—and expose them openly to the world—which is what we are most afraid of.

The majority of us have contrived a false image of ourselves. This image, however, is just a veil to cover our shadow self, not only from the eyes of others, but from our own as well. Thus the way we have been living so far is just an escape from self-understanding and genuine communication.

Unless we face, understand, and accept ourselves—unless we get in tune with the core of our feelings, emotions, thoughts, and intentions—how can we find harmony within ourselves and the world?

To look for truth, and to be honest, is terrifying. Forget big universal truths; I’m talking about little truths, personal truths. We are afraid to look inward, and to be honest with ourselves. And even if we are courageous enough to do that, then we are so concerned with the feelings of others, that we are afraid to share our truths with them. We punish ourselves with all sorts of guilt for even imagining causing someone emotional pain, when we really have no idea how they will feel if we were actually honest. We jump through crazy ridiculous hoops, all because we want to avoid the turmoil of potential emotional pain (theirs and ours). Being honest and being kind are not mutually exclusive. You can and should deliver your truth without blame or judgment, but definitely with kindness.

Sometimes we find ourselves in relationship dynamics with people who we perceive as emotionally fragile or explosive (it’s really the same thing). So we subjugate ourselves, and learn to maneuver around them. We do everything we can just to avoid those emotional mines. We never know when we’ll step on some trigger, so we hide the parts of ourselves we assume they will not accept or understand. We tread lightly. We speak less honestly. We express ourselves less openly. But unwittingly and inevitably repeating this process over and over, day in and day out, can cause resentments to grow. The less we share…the less of a connection is made. 

Instead, I propose that we try honesty. (It’s really scary, I KNOW, but it’s so very worth it). Let’s respect one another. Let’s trust each other to handle the truth. Let’s be really clear within ourselves, and with all the other people in our lives. Let’s unchain ourselves from guilt and obligation. Let’s give ourselves permission to be open, honest, & free. Let’s forget about seeking approval, and instead live in our own integrity. It is near to impossible to get to the places you desire and to receive the things you want in life when you are not open and honest about what you truly need.

In order to really give love, in a way that is unconditional you have to love yourself first. To love yourself simply means to honor your own needs.

Really living your truth is about getting still enough, and being courageous enough, to admit to yourself what you want, and what you don’t want. It’s tuning in to the pit-of-your-stomach feelings, and figuring stuff out from there. It is about standing in your integrity, and following your internal guidance, even when it goes against social norms, the mores of your specific community, or the good intentioned opinions of those we care for.

It takes courage, real courage, to live/speak your truth. Courage isn’t about jumping out of airplanes or diving with sharks. It’s not about physical activities that get the adrenaline pumping. Real courage happens in very quiet and subtle moments. In those intimate, vulnerable exchanges when you’re afraid to speak the truth. When you’re afraid to honor your own feelings, when you’re afraid that if you say or do what your heart is asking of you, that you will be dismissed, shamed, ridiculed, or rejected. Or that the truth of your feelings will hurt the feelings of another.

The most amazing thing about radical honesty is that YES it’s not always easy and Yes your life will change but you aren’t going to be alone and rejected in the ways you may worry about. You will instead filter out the people who love and accept the real you, from those that only conditionally accept you (if you fit in to the image of who they want you to be). If you are brave enough to be the real you, you will find lots of love, support, friendship, opportunity, and companionship from other souls who are just like you.

I hope you find the courage to try it. Being the real you (whatever that means), out in the open, it is truly gifts you with a rewarding and delicious life experience!

From my heart to yours,
Love Always…
~ Twin Spirit ღ

Random Musings: Be Whoever the Hell You Want To BE!!



This Image Crossed My Newsfeed Today on Facebook. Below are the thoughts it Inspired:

“There is NO Singular way to be “BLACK” or any other color of the rainbow for that matter.The black experience is simply whatever experiences you have while living this life as a Dark Hued person. We limit ourselves when we limit what is acceptable to any group. Be whoever the hell you want to be!! KEEP flowing, embracing, experiencing, trying, growing, living, exploring, questioning, transforming, creating, and BEING whatever your spirit desires to be. It’s YOUR Life so Live it Your Way ‪#‎UnapologeticallyMe‬‪#‎FreeToBe‬” ~ Twin Spirit


Random Musings: FREE



I need to be free like the wind.

Free to move, flow, stretch, grow.

Unencumbered by the limiting ideas of what others think I should be.

I am, I see, I vibe, I Be. I sing, I dance with out stretched hands to my own rhythm. I’m an artist, I was born to create. I’m a lover, I was not born to hate. I’m a fighter for unity. I’m a light shining on all I see. I Am a Goddess and God is Me. I’m a magician I create my own reality. Life is whatever I imagine it to be.

Some days I forget and attempt to hide but my magic still bubbles and brews inside. My essence, my love, sexual energy are simply ways I express the many parts of me..I crave not an emotional prison where I am locked and confined but a connection where I can explore & expand my brilliant mind.

Is there a place that is made for me, it’s any place that I may choose be.

When I open up and let you in, you’ve been granted a gift into the world of Twin. Not many may enter but those that do are lifted and shifted to a place called “YOU”. My calling, my purpose, my divine gift you see, is to love so freely that it sets others FREE. Reconnecting us to the God in We.

~from the heart of Twin Spirit ღ

© 2015 TwinSpirit/Beautiful Ugly Publishing – All Rights Reserved


Power Resides in Taking Responsibility


Take Responsibility- TwinSpirit

“I notice many individuals often post and speak of excessive amounts of negativity and drama in their lives. They make eloquent declarations about removing certain people from their lives and they imply that the other party is the sole source of their frustration and/or unhappiness but what I rarely notice is people accepting responsibility for their parts in propagating and sometimes creating the negative situations that exist in their worlds.

Yes, we all encounter challenging people and situations in life but an ongoing or continuous cycle of dramatic, negative, or painful situations may indicate that the true source of the unwanted energy lies within. Accept responsibility for who you are right now. It’s not other people who make us the way we are, only our own thoughts and actions. While negative circumstances and social conditioning may have had a significant impact on you, dwelling & blaming others won’t help you improve your situation. Only through accepting personal responsibility can you move forward.

A responsibility avoidance mentality has a seductive allure. If you aren’t in control then it’s not your fault you don’t have the life you want. If you can convince yourself that someone else is to blame, your ego can remain safe. This creates an incentive to run from problems, act like they don’t exist, pretend that your choices and actions don’t matter and in turn allowing you to blame others for the state of your reality.

To change what’s not working in your life, you must believe you’re the one in control. Don’t blame, complain, make excuses, or criticize. Accept full responsibility for everything in your life as external problems often have internal solutions and finding those solutions can give you the courage needed to make the changes you desire. Taking responsibility for your life will empower you, foster success, and heighten self-esteem, all of which lead to increased happiness.

Think of yourself as a CREATOR, not an acceptor. An OWNER, not a victim. Accept total and full responsibility for who you are, who you will become, the choices you make, and the consequences that result from those choices.
Hold yourself accountable for your Life.

By accepting personal responsibility, we gain the power and freedom to create our own life, any way we want it!!”

These Thoughts Shared With Nothing But Love  ,
~ Twin Spirit

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Random Musings: To All of my Lovers Past…Thank You!!


thank youTo all of My Lovers Past: Thank you for teaching me that the love I seek is one that is extraordinary. Thank you for showing me everything that I don’t want, so that when I finally come face-to-face with what I do want—I’ll have the courage to go after it. Thank you for showing me that I don’t want someone to be only half in love with me, or to merely appreciate me—but to leave them breathless. Thank you for leaving me with my loneliness so I could find my way back to myself. Thank you for placing me in uncomfortable situations which forced me to embrace, appreciate, explore, trust, understand, honor, value & Love Myself First ~ with LOVE Twin Spirit

Random Musings: If You Love Me…Simply Show Me


100 percent pure love

“To hear I love you is a beautiful thing
no matter how many times it’s said, to the ears, it always sounds sweet.

It holds such sweet promise and paints pictures of Always & Forever.

I appreciate every “I LOVE YOU” that has dripped from the lips of lovers past.

As beautifully as the word tickles the ear and excites the heart I have learned it is not always a sticky enough glue to bind.

I would much rather my lover silently show me through his actions that he loves me and cares.

Being there on life’s sunny days and not disappearing when it’s pouring rain says I love you.

Sharing his time with me says I love you.

Doing what he says he is going to do, be it something tiny or huge, says I love you.

Honestly Listening as I animatedly share my hopes, wishes, fears, & dreams says I love you.

Asking me how my day was and genuinely caring about my response says I love you.

When the world has been a bit too much and he holds me in his arms and whispers it’s gonna be alright says I love you.

Caring how his thoughts, moods, & actions impact us both says I love you.

Eating the meals I prepare with a smile and saying baby that was great says I love you.

Making me a priority and not just an option says I love you.

Taking the chance and building a life with me says I love you.

Trusting that I always have our best interest at heart says I love you.

Accepting me as I am and never comparing me to others says I love you.

Being Honest says I love you.

Having the courage to let me in says I love you.

Allowing me to love him says I love you.

I am truly a simple girl and all I have ever dreamed of is a deeper love built on a foundation of friendship, mutual attraction, & respect.

If You Love Me…..simply Show Me”
~ by Twin Spirit

Random Musings: Nothing & Everything



I am everything and nothing at the same time

I am weak. I am strong. Insane. Of Sound Mind.

I give and I take. Destroy and I Make.

Stand still and I Grow. Confused and I Know.

There is more. There is Less.

It’s ALL GOOD and I’m Blessed.

I am able to See that connected we BE.

There is You. There is Me. Collectively WE!!

By: TwinSpirit

© 2014 TwinSpirit/Beautiful Ugly Publishing – All Rights Reserved

Random Musings: I AM Many Things….



YES beautiful people I am still a music artist and I still sing – It always makes me giggle and surprises me when people as me that- (A new project is in the works even as we speak – I just have to let a little life happen to be inspired to create new things) ~

I AM Twin Spirit & I Creatively Express the Spirit of Me in Many Many Ways!!

I create MUSIC: www.epresskitz.com/TwinSpirit
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I love to support other Artist, so I partner with The SOFA Series: www.TheSofaSeries.com
I love to inspire Artist & small Art/Entertainment based businesses to grow so I provide consulting & administrative services: www.YuckWork.com

My Creative Self Expression is not limited to One Medium, One Form, One Experience, or One Platform. I Morph, Shift, Change, Expand, & Flow as I move through each and every moment. I want to experience all that this life has to offer…so I love hard, play hard, work hard, & relax as much as I desire. I try it all on for size. If inspired I MOVE. Labels, boxes, & expectations do not define me. ONLY the Callings of My Heart & Soul Mold the path that I chose to walk on this journey we call “LIFE”.

Shared with Love,