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Random Musings: Last Night I Died


shade 2“Last night I died…Today Born Anew. Its amazing the strength that letting Go(d) gives You. My EGO has died a million deaths as it struggles to cling to itself. It lies to me believing the things it sees…while all the time clouding the view of who I really BE. The core, the source, the truth, believe. Open your EYE its plain to SEE…God is LOVE, God IS You & God is Me.” – from the heart of Twin Spirit

Power Resides in Taking Responsibility


Take Responsibility- TwinSpirit

“I notice many individuals often post and speak of excessive amounts of negativity and drama in their lives. They make eloquent declarations about removing certain people from their lives and they imply that the other party is the sole source of their frustration and/or unhappiness but what I rarely notice is people accepting responsibility for their parts in propagating and sometimes creating the negative situations that exist in their worlds.

Yes, we all encounter challenging people and situations in life but an ongoing or continuous cycle of dramatic, negative, or painful situations may indicate that the true source of the unwanted energy lies within. Accept responsibility for who you are right now. It’s not other people who make us the way we are, only our own thoughts and actions. While negative circumstances and social conditioning may have had a significant impact on you, dwelling & blaming others won’t help you improve your situation. Only through accepting personal responsibility can you move forward.

A responsibility avoidance mentality has a seductive allure. If you aren’t in control then it’s not your fault you don’t have the life you want. If you can convince yourself that someone else is to blame, your ego can remain safe. This creates an incentive to run from problems, act like they don’t exist, pretend that your choices and actions don’t matter and in turn allowing you to blame others for the state of your reality.

To change what’s not working in your life, you must believe you’re the one in control. Don’t blame, complain, make excuses, or criticize. Accept full responsibility for everything in your life as external problems often have internal solutions and finding those solutions can give you the courage needed to make the changes you desire. Taking responsibility for your life will empower you, foster success, and heighten self-esteem, all of which lead to increased happiness.

Think of yourself as a CREATOR, not an acceptor. An OWNER, not a victim. Accept total and full responsibility for who you are, who you will become, the choices you make, and the consequences that result from those choices.
Hold yourself accountable for your Life.

By accepting personal responsibility, we gain the power and freedom to create our own life, any way we want it!!”

These Thoughts Shared With Nothing But Love  ,
~ Twin Spirit

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I am TwinSpirit

“I am where your heart has no boundaries.
Where your soul is encouraged to soar.
In those quiet recesses that are not secrets just places others forget to explore.
I am the breeze that tickles the nape of your neck, letting you know I’m around.
I am the silence, in the darkness, in the light and the sound.
I’m always near and never far.
I appear when you are ready
to share your soul, mind, & heart.
I AM Twin Spirit
~TwinSpirit ღ
©Beautiful Ugly Publishing 2015