Monthly Archives: May 2011

Welcome To My World…..


To Thine Own Self Be True….

I give because I choose to.

I love because it feels good.

I sing because it makes me happy.

I share because it makes me feel close.

I’m open because I know no other way to express myself.

I’m quiet when I need to think.

I pull away when I’m not sure or scared.

I cry when I’m really happy but also when I’m really sad.

I’m strong but I’m still human so when I’m hurt I feel it deeply.

I will never ask you to be anyone other than yourself.

Honesty in your words and actions gets my total respect.

Some days I feel I can take on the world other days not so much.

I smile often…even when I’m not happy.

You never have to lie to me, most things I truly understand.

I still believe in magic & love.

I will support you to the end and share all that I have to give.

I don’t like feeling lonely but I enjoy time spent alone.

If I like you I like you.

If I love you I show it.

If I don’t I don’t.

If I want you you’ll know it.

Friendship means the world to me

however, I don’t waste energy

so If I find that I can’t trust you I simply go away.

I’m a woman

a mother

a daughter

a sister

a friend

an aunt

an artist

a creator

a believer in dreams

I’m action

I’m movement

I’m strength

I’m joy

I’m peace

I’m kindness

and so much more…..

I love sunshine & sunsets

good books & good sex

breakfast for dinner

playing in the rain

cuddling & traveling

music & laughing

my pleasures are simple

my desires are the same…

I don’t always make the best decisions but I’m never afraid to try.

I don’t always get the things I want and I’m not afraid to cry.

Life doesn’t frighten me nor does love, or connecting, or transparency

these things are necessary in the process of “getting to know” me.

I’m open to all the possibilities…..

no ulterior motives or hidden agendas behind my mask

and anything you ever want or need to know about me: remember “simply ask”