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365 Days of Allowing – My Journey: Day 47 ~ I AM


All By: TwinSpirit

Via Creative Self Expression I bare my Heart & reveal my Soul which is truly the I of me.

Sharing the Divine Essence of me through my Inspired Creations.

I AM music, I AM magic, I AM source energy, I AM beauty, I AM love.

I AM one of the many infinite expressions of God.

I AM Spirit enjoying my role as co-creator of my reality.

I AM light on an endless journey of exploration.

I AM…and that’s all I need to BE

~ Shared with Love & a greater understanding,



Random Musings: In All Things ChoozLove


(ChoozLove) jewelry collection makes a powerful statement about individuality, creative self expression, and finding beauty in all things.

Handmade unique works of wearable art from recycled, reclaimed, and repurposed materials Designed By: TwinSpirit (Moi)

Check Out the ChoozLove Virtual Trunk Show & Enjoy my Designs along with my Song “ENOUGH” from my Album (My Beautiful Ugly) while you watch

Visit Today!!

“In All Things ChoozLove”

Portion of the Proceeds Benefit The STOMP Foundation

Making a Difference in the Lives of Teen Moms

365 Days of Allowing – My Journey: Day 40 ~ Longing….



“I hear your whispers in the soft rustling of the leaves and your warm embrace is the sun.

I lay quietly in the grass and I feel your presence all around me.

In my moments of silence you are there with me, a steady glow in the dark sky.

You are my heartbeat, the pulse..the rhythm..You Move Me…

I breathe you in and exhale you oxygen, you saturate every cell of my being.

I crave you, I want you, I need you, I AM YOU…..LOVE”

~ By: TwinSpirit ♥


365 Days of Allowing – My Journey: Day 34 ~ Where is Your Focus?


My newsfeed on Facebook today was overrun with rants, negative stories, disturbing images, disagreements, fighting some cause, racism, the system vs. the people, big brother, elitism, illuminati, tupac holograms, fist swinging against the beast, finger pointing at the devil, hate, anger, pain, frustration, so much intolerance, and FEAR….on and on it went. Line after line, story after story of beautiful spirits feeding their energy to the very things they say they don’t support. Screaming from the mountaintops with veins leaping from their necks popping from their temples, faces contorted in fits of disdain and rage…at moments even resembling the very monsters they rally against.

That Big Ball of heavy Energy literally leaped off of my Facebook Page, smothering me in a deep heavy cloud  of utter sadness. It literally punched me in my chest and sent a bolt through my body. I could not breath for a moment. It was truly just overwhelming.

We must be Mindful Of What We Give Our Energy To~ I’m not suggesting burying our heads in the sand when it comes to problems or things that need to change. I am however suggesting becoming more solution focused rather problem focused. Or even taking it a step deeper…

Change is  not a governmental mission, a religious issue, an international issue, a national, regional or local  issue. Change is a Personal Issue and Mission.

The real Prescription for Revolution happens when  individuals reconnect with the fact that “CHANGE” is an inside job.

As we each change individually, the world changes. But this kind of change does not work if our “focus” is on changing the world, trying to fix all of the things we see as broken “out there.” Instead we need to keep our focus steadied where “our” power is, and that’s on our own choices and behaviors. This means no one else in the world has to agree with you or be convinced of anything for you to choose to Live out of a whole new approach to Life.

The new paradigm requires changing your mind about how life works–moving from a purely external approach (blaming) transitioning to a more internal approach. Which means opening our minds to new ways of looking at our lives, expanding our deeply ingrained assumptions about what’s truly real and what is possible, and figuring out what personally works best for each of us to get the results we want now…(taking personal responsibility and finding resolutions within)

Your creative life energy [that which is sustaining you in the form you now have] goes where you focus your attention and awareness. How and what you think and believe matters. The longer and more passionately you hold a particular focus of your attention and awareness, the greater the possibility of creating or perpetuating an experience of that on which it focuses. Because your creative life energy is flowing in response to the focus of your attention and awareness, “That which you focus on grows into, or unfolds into, your life.”

Many of our Fears stem from an insecure feeling. That insecurity is often the result of feeling like a passenger in your own life. It’s time that we each got back in the Driver’s Seat. Making choices and finding solutions that work for us and allowing others to do the same

There are lots of things you think you want when things aren’t going as you would like, but the truth is we all really only want one thing: to feel good now. So we must practice ways to move in the direction of feeling good now.

I know this sounds overly simplified, but it is a powerful way to stay aligned with the reliable energy of well-being that is natural to you. There is no need to be in an ongoing fever pitched battle against all the ills in the world. Instead, this focus encourages each of us to find ways to align with the inner sense of well-being that is always available to us now. Finding that alignment is what soothes us, re-centers us,  and leads us to the relief we seek.

Life improves in many ways when YOU/WE practice CHANGE from the inside out.~ Where is Your Focus? ♥

shared with love & a greater understanding,


365 Days of Allowing – My Journey: Day 33 ~ Heart vs. Mind


Remember that your passions are connected to your heart, not your mind. Anytime you find yourself thinking deeply about your answers, this is an indication that your mind is engaged rather than your heart.

So, when you have the thought, “I need to have this, in order to have that,” you have stepped out of your heart and into your head. Your head creates a muddle, keeping you trapped in the things that prevent anyone from living a passionate life, false beliefs, false concepts and false ideas…simply put FEARS!

The key to remember is when you follow your passions, the other things you need will always automatically come along. This is what is meant by, “What you love” and “God’s will for you” are one and the same.”

You don’t have to figure out everything you need to fulfill your purpose. You don’t have to be “General Manager of the Universe”. You just need to get clear about what you really love and care about most.

Regardless of the subject, if you LOVE thinking about it, doing things related to it, being engaged in activities that have to do with it, then that is a passion for you. If not, it’s not.

If the latter is true, that doesn’t mean you have to give up said items. It simply means that is not where your joy and fulfillment comes from.

While on the path to discover your passions remember, choose what your heart draws you to, not what your mind thinks is needed in order to enjoy your life.


shared with love & a greater understanding~

TwinSpirit ♥

365 Days of Allowing – My Journey: Day 32 ~ Can’t Get You Off My Mind



Days 28-31 flew by with a whirlwind of activity happening all around me…My Birthday came & went, I launched, I have had a series of late nights and long days.

Its now day 32 and things have slowed a bit. There however is this one teeny tiny little thing that has been whispering in my ear and dancing around my mind the last few days. A seed of thought that was planted by a most unsuspected gardener.

Now that things are quiet again I hear it tapping at the window of my mind and knocking on the door to my heart.

What is it that you want little thought seed? Why are you still lingering around?

I have attempted to drown you out with life’s activity, but you are persistent and you are still here.

What is it exactly that you would like for me to do with you? I have acknowledged your presence but it seems you desire more.

You linger…you dance in my taunt me while I’m awake.

You wave at me across a crowded room of thought…you await my arrival around every corner of silence.

You tease me with beautiful possibilities that could only transpire in my dreams.

Please tell me what you want from me. My mind? My heart? My soul? or just my attention?

I must admit, you intrigue me but you also frighten me at the same time.

I have met your kind before and have fallen deeply under your spell.

I fear not the intensity or depth of your energy; I fear that you may very well be all that I have wished for.

Yes, you move me. You captivate me. You touch my heart…

So now what am I supposed to do with you?

It is the nature of my Being to merge, to connect, to explore, to embrace, to savor, to allow life to flow and to receive the gifts it brings.

Naturally I feel compelled to welcome you in. To greet you with a friendly smile and a gentle hug.

To talk with you and laugh with you. To delight in the beauty of connecting and sharing.

Your essence reads genuine and your openness makes me smile.

But allowing you residence in my mind will only create desire in my heart.

It is only natural for me to be loving as love energy is what I am.

So I ask you beautiful little thought….what shall I do with You?

I’m listening with my heart for the answer…….

Now what are you gonna do with it?










Random Musings: Goes Live!! I’m So Excited!!


Today is the Official Launch of my newest baby.  “ChoozLove

I’ve always loved creating exciting pieces for myself and close friends and now I get to share them with all of you.


One of Kind. Strong. Uniquely Beautiful. Alive. Aware.

(ChoozLove) jewelry collection makes a powerful statement about individuality, creative self expression, and finding beauty in all things.

Merging aesthetics and a desire to make a difference environmentally, resulted in the creation of an empowering and inspiring collection.

Founder & Creator TwinSpirit designs handmade wearable art entirely from recycled, reclaimed, and repurposed materials.

Salvaging discarded and second hand components during her travels, such as colorful old belts, broken vintage pieces, wire, old beads, buttons, etc. ~ She recycles everything, making the old newly useful and beautiful again.

“Re-Fashion” is what she likes to call it. Creating one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces that desire someone to love them and call them their own.

The found materials guide the design of each piece and no design is ever replicated or repeated as the materials used are typically limited finds.

Chooz Uniqueness…Chooz Beauty…ChoozLove

I’m also excited that I have partnered with an organization that is close to my heart. 10% of All Proceeds will be donated to the organization on a regular basis to support its efforts.

The Supporting Teens Overcome Maternal Pressures (S.T.O.M.P Foundation) is a non-profit organization under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Foundation works on a local level to develop and implement workshops, seminars, and other activities in effort to assist young parents that suffer from low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and peer pressure.  Designed to promote educational advancement, health awareness, and volunteerism, their goal is to ensure that once completing their individual action plan, these young women will have the social and professional development skills needed in order to become self-sufficient.

The foundation’s primary focus is to work with underprivileged and disadvantaged teen mothers.


Living my dreams & loving every minute of it,

with love & a greater understanding,