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Random Musings: Life Sometimes Knocks You Down!!


knocked down

I have been on a bit of a hiatus. Taking some time to recenter, reconnect, & refocus. Life experiences can sometimes knock the breathe out of you and drop you to your very knees..funny thing is from that position I always seem to be able to submit to the “what is” and even more importantly I am able to zone in sharply & clearly into the “what I wish it to be”.

Challenges bring growth & often push us way outside of our comfort zones. Pain and disappointment are simply to show you that you may be pushing in a direction that is against the current of your soul and that you are not in alignment with the true desires of your heart and spirit. They are nudges (sometimes body to get your attention and to help you refocus YOUR ENERGY on “YOUR” truth.

I have had some heavy circumstances to grow through the last year. Some made me laugh & some made me cry, but they have all increased my understanding and connection with source energy that resides within me. For it all I am Thankful.

I appreciate the clarity that it has gifted me and I look forward to the new experiences that await me.

And now…I RISE!! – Always TwinSpirit