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Random Musings: I Choose Relief…



Some days I simply choose relief…
this may look many different ways.
sometimes it’s a smile,
others it’s a gentle letting go,
at times it’s an outburst or a melting away,
some days it’s an air of “whatever” with a side of “I simply don’t care”
Whatever it is..I embrace it and honor my right to choose it in that moment.
There is no right or wrong in the matter. Interpret it as you will…
My only concern is that it is authentic and sits well with my soul
and I’m truly okay with that. ~ Twin Spirit



Random Musings: I Honor The Silence….



“So Much Noise Surrounds Us (so many opinions, schools of thought, causes, rants, conversations, opposing viewpoints, etc..being pushed & pulled in so many directions until you feel torn apart)…I honor the Silence.
In that Place I Can Hear MY OWN Spirit Clearly…hear it’s wishes, what it craves, desires, and longs for..What It Needs.
In Silence I can Take the Time Necessary To Settle Into My Center..to reconnect to that from which I came…to BE nothing & everything simultaneously. To bask in the light of loves energy.
Thank You Silence for true moments of Peace” – words from the heart & soul of Twin Spirit