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Random Musings: Radical Honesty


radical honesty 2


Are You COURAGEOUS Enough To Be Honest?

To be honest with yourself and others can be a difficult thing, because, in order to be honest, you must be courageous enough to take a look deep into your psyche and confront your weaknesses, fears, & insecurities—and expose them openly to the world—which is what we are most afraid of.

The majority of us have contrived a false image of ourselves. This image, however, is just a veil to cover our shadow self, not only from the eyes of others, but from our own as well. Thus the way we have been living so far is just an escape from self-understanding and genuine communication.

Unless we face, understand, and accept ourselves—unless we get in tune with the core of our feelings, emotions, thoughts, and intentions—how can we find harmony within ourselves and the world?

To look for truth, and to be honest, is terrifying. Forget big universal truths; I’m talking about little truths, personal truths. We are afraid to look inward, and to be honest with ourselves. And even if we are courageous enough to do that, then we are so concerned with the feelings of others, that we are afraid to share our truths with them. We punish ourselves with all sorts of guilt for even imagining causing someone emotional pain, when we really have no idea how they will feel if we were actually honest. We jump through crazy ridiculous hoops, all because we want to avoid the turmoil of potential emotional pain (theirs and ours). Being honest and being kind are not mutually exclusive. You can and should deliver your truth without blame or judgment, but definitely with kindness.

Sometimes we find ourselves in relationship dynamics with people who we perceive as emotionally fragile or explosive (it’s really the same thing). So we subjugate ourselves, and learn to maneuver around them. We do everything we can just to avoid those emotional mines. We never know when we’ll step on some trigger, so we hide the parts of ourselves we assume they will not accept or understand. We tread lightly. We speak less honestly. We express ourselves less openly. But unwittingly and inevitably repeating this process over and over, day in and day out, can cause resentments to grow. The less we share…the less of a connection is made. 

Instead, I propose that we try honesty. (It’s really scary, I KNOW, but it’s so very worth it). Let’s respect one another. Let’s trust each other to handle the truth. Let’s be really clear within ourselves, and with all the other people in our lives. Let’s unchain ourselves from guilt and obligation. Let’s give ourselves permission to be open, honest, & free. Let’s forget about seeking approval, and instead live in our own integrity. It is near to impossible to get to the places you desire and to receive the things you want in life when you are not open and honest about what you truly need.

In order to really give love, in a way that is unconditional you have to love yourself first. To love yourself simply means to honor your own needs.

Really living your truth is about getting still enough, and being courageous enough, to admit to yourself what you want, and what you don’t want. It’s tuning in to the pit-of-your-stomach feelings, and figuring stuff out from there. It is about standing in your integrity, and following your internal guidance, even when it goes against social norms, the mores of your specific community, or the good intentioned opinions of those we care for.

It takes courage, real courage, to live/speak your truth. Courage isn’t about jumping out of airplanes or diving with sharks. It’s not about physical activities that get the adrenaline pumping. Real courage happens in very quiet and subtle moments. In those intimate, vulnerable exchanges when you’re afraid to speak the truth. When you’re afraid to honor your own feelings, when you’re afraid that if you say or do what your heart is asking of you, that you will be dismissed, shamed, ridiculed, or rejected. Or that the truth of your feelings will hurt the feelings of another.

The most amazing thing about radical honesty is that YES it’s not always easy and Yes your life will change but you aren’t going to be alone and rejected in the ways you may worry about. You will instead filter out the people who love and accept the real you, from those that only conditionally accept you (if you fit in to the image of who they want you to be). If you are brave enough to be the real you, you will find lots of love, support, friendship, opportunity, and companionship from other souls who are just like you.

I hope you find the courage to try it. Being the real you (whatever that means), out in the open, it is truly gifts you with a rewarding and delicious life experience!

From my heart to yours,
Love Always…
~ Twin Spirit ღ


Random Musings: How To Control A Nation


Control A Nation

“Divide and Conquer is how a small group continues to maintain power and control over the population. We will continue to be controlled because of our emotions and reactions to the situations often created for us and then played out using puppets on the world stage. This control mechanism to divide people and cause infighting among their larger populations has been utilized for eons.

This age old technique works and is being played out on us like a game of chess. It’s the “how” and the “why” we are not coming together and uniting against discrimination, terrorism, & all crimes against humanity. The reality is that they are all diversionary tactics that keep people on the defensive and fighting. Creating the illusion that each side of a perspective is an enemy to the others way of life. Collective fear stimulates herd instinct, and tends to produce ferocity toward those who are not regarded as members of the herd.

We must rid ourselves of the illusion of division and practice more tolerance and empathy. Understand that Tolerance is not acceptance and does not represent agreeing with, condoning, or supporting other people’s perspectives and view points but more so is the act necessary to protect every beings right to have said perspective even if it differs. The Oppression of One, Is the Oppression of All. The price of the democratic way of life is a growing appreciation of people’s differences, not merely as tolerable, but as the essence of a rich and rewarding human experience. The capacity for getting along with our neighbor depends to a large extent on the capacity for getting along with ourselves. The self-aware and self-respecting individual will try to be as tolerant of his neighbor’s shortcomings as he is of his own as the wise man knows that the understanding you extend today is the same understanding you may need to receive tomorrow. None of us are exempt from the possibility of tyranny.

Ultimately, the Worlds answer to the intolerant man is diversity, the very diversity which the pursuit of freedom worldwide since the beginning of time has inspired over and over again.” ~ Shared with Love from the Heart of Twin Spirit

“We need to promote greater tolerance and understanding among the people of the world. Nothing can be more dangerous to our efforts to build peace and development than a world divided along religious, ethnic or cultural lines. In each nation, and among all nations, we must work to promote unity based on our shared humanity.” – Kofi Annan


Random Musings: TwinSpirit’s Truths


10383824_10152798710161846_6711400494540818678_o“I release the fear of not knowing what the future may hold.
I expect all things to flow in the direction of my hearts desire.
I trust that what is for me shall be.
I release the need to be in control of all things outside of my will.
I free those I love to BE what they choose to be.
I no longer take personally what others may choose to do or not do.
I know that the journey is the gift not the destination.
I AM and that is all that I Need to BE” heart emoticon ~ Twin Spirit

Random Musings: If You Love Me…Simply Show Me


100 percent pure love

“To hear I love you is a beautiful thing
no matter how many times it’s said, to the ears, it always sounds sweet.

It holds such sweet promise and paints pictures of Always & Forever.

I appreciate every “I LOVE YOU” that has dripped from the lips of lovers past.

As beautifully as the word tickles the ear and excites the heart I have learned it is not always a sticky enough glue to bind.

I would much rather my lover silently show me through his actions that he loves me and cares.

Being there on life’s sunny days and not disappearing when it’s pouring rain says I love you.

Sharing his time with me says I love you.

Doing what he says he is going to do, be it something tiny or huge, says I love you.

Honestly Listening as I animatedly share my hopes, wishes, fears, & dreams says I love you.

Asking me how my day was and genuinely caring about my response says I love you.

When the world has been a bit too much and he holds me in his arms and whispers it’s gonna be alright says I love you.

Caring how his thoughts, moods, & actions impact us both says I love you.

Eating the meals I prepare with a smile and saying baby that was great says I love you.

Making me a priority and not just an option says I love you.

Taking the chance and building a life with me says I love you.

Trusting that I always have our best interest at heart says I love you.

Accepting me as I am and never comparing me to others says I love you.

Being Honest says I love you.

Having the courage to let me in says I love you.

Allowing me to love him says I love you.

I am truly a simple girl and all I have ever dreamed of is a deeper love built on a foundation of friendship, mutual attraction, & respect.

If You Love Me…..simply Show Me”
~ by Twin Spirit

Random Musings: I AM Many Things….



YES beautiful people I am still a music artist and I still sing – It always makes me giggle and surprises me when people as me that- (A new project is in the works even as we speak – I just have to let a little life happen to be inspired to create new things) ~

I AM Twin Spirit & I Creatively Express the Spirit of Me in Many Many Ways!!

I create MUSIC: www.epresskitz.com/TwinSpirit
I love to write & share my Random Musings..so I blog: www.MyBeautifulUglyWorld.wordpress.com
I create wearable ART: www.ChoozLove.com
I love/sell recycled fashions: Fave platforms www.ThriftyGirlsRock.com & The Frugal Stop – Pop Up Shop
I love to support other Artist, so I partner with The SOFA Series: www.TheSofaSeries.com
I love to inspire Artist & small Art/Entertainment based businesses to grow so I provide consulting & administrative services: www.YuckWork.com

My Creative Self Expression is not limited to One Medium, One Form, One Experience, or One Platform. I Morph, Shift, Change, Expand, & Flow as I move through each and every moment. I want to experience all that this life has to offer…so I love hard, play hard, work hard, & relax as much as I desire. I try it all on for size. If inspired I MOVE. Labels, boxes, & expectations do not define me. ONLY the Callings of My Heart & Soul Mold the path that I chose to walk on this journey we call “LIFE”.

Shared with Love,

Random Musings: I Awaken by TwinSpirit

  1. “I thought I was angry at you
    for letting me down and leading me on.

    I thought I had every right to be feeling
    as I do.

    I blamed you for all of the hurt & pain
    for your aloofness & detachment,
    for my disappointment & tears.

    Then in the silence of a single moment
    it came to me,

    I realized that not once had you ever promised me anything.
    Not once did you ever say it would be forever.
    Not once did you commit to always. Not once did you ask me for my heart or devotion.

    I gave my everything to you in hopes that in it you would find value and in return would give your everything to me.

    I had in fact built a future for “WE” constructed solely on the desires of “ME”.

    The truth is I had in fact been the selfish one. Holding you hostage to the unrevealed expectations in my mind.

    You simply enjoyed the present moments that we shared. While I was so fixated on the future could be’s I missed out on the beautiful nows that you gifted me with regularly.

    I never appreciated all that you did do, as I was so focused on what I felt you didn’t. Imaginary shortcomings created by me.

    So blinded by my overly romantic colored visions filled with grandiose gestures of undying love that I had allowed myself to believe must happen to paint the perfect picture of future forever love, I could not see clearly the simplistic beauty of a man giving me his heart via his presence in the present. Sharing his soul in the way that he could right now.”

    – I Awaken by TwinSpirit © Beautiful Ugly Publishing 2014