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Random Musings: Unsatisfied & Wanting More



Today I feel so dissatisfied. I am irritable and a bit on edge…truthfully I am not 100% sure of the exact reason why but I am 100% aware that when I feel this way it is the spirit of me speaking to the physical manifestation of me.

I sometimes get annoyed with myself when I feel this way because I truly have a good life and have nothing at all to complain about. I am appreciative of all that I have. So It makes me feel a bit ungrateful when the inner rumblings for “MORE” kick in. It makes me feel that I am not thankful enough for all that I have experienced and all that I have.

But that doesn’t quiet the soul of me and doesn’t keep me from longing for more…I want to see more, feel more, express more, explore more, get lost more, get found more, give more, receive more, succeed more and screw up more, connect more, make love more, move more, be more. Does this mean I am not content?

I think maybe it’s just the creator in me simply craving to do what it does….It’s the me of me longing to be all that I can and desire to BE!!

Life inspires me to more…

‪#‎IhearYouSpeaking‬ ‪#‎SoItShallBe‬ ~ Twin Spirit 


I Am Love, Loving, & Loved


“I am okay just the way I am. I love me and I trust that what is for me will be and what is not will flee. I trust my choices and trust that what I need to know will always be revealed to me in perfect timing. I can relax and just enjoy the ride. I trust what I feel. I expect good things 😘 I am love, loving, & loved.” ~ Twin Spirit ღ

Random Musing: Saying No to those You Love



We ALL have the right to walk any path we choose. Someone not supporting you on a given path or in a given decision is also their right. Even if I love you it does not mean that I will always agree with you.

People are quick to question your heart & loyalty simply because you are not fully on board with all of their choices or if you don’t support them in a manner that they feel you should. I never judge the choices anyone chooses to make but if your choice is going to filter into my life or will in any way impact me then I am always going to be honest about my thoughts on said matter. I stopped biting my tongue a long time ago and have learned to honor my truth (even if that means that someone may be upset with me).

If I notice someone I care about repeating a pattern that I know has caused them pain in the past, then yes I may speak on it. Not because I know everything or because I think I am better than they are but because I would hope that someone cared about me enough to bring to my attention any patterns or choices that I may need to reflect on a little more deeply before I took an action.

Being a sister or friend is not always about going along and supporting every move someone makes…sometimes being a friend and caring is about being honest, asking the hard questions, speaking your truth, & sometimes saying no or I don’t agree. Love comes in many different forms and sometimes out of love (for ourselves, for our own peace, & for others) we have to say what doesn’t want to be heard.

Do in your life whatever it is that you choose but respect that others also have the right to do the same. Freedom & Understanding is a 2 way street. You must give it to receive it ~shared from a place of Love ~ Twin Spirit

Random Musings: Embrace Uncertainty



Certainly Uncertainty
is part of the fire that fuels the passionate desire to move towards all that your heart and soul craves.

unsure if the next move is the right move but faithful and courageous enough to take that step anyway.

knowing that something beautiful awaits you as it has been brewing since inception and is the by product of the deeply hidden yearnings that have bubbled over and grown out of all of your past and current life experiences.

never knowing what awaits you around each each new corner or where the next plot twist will take you but optimistically open to embrace all of the surprises that life unfolds before you.

always hopefully anticipating that around the next bend you will appear and that your heart will be as excited as mine to finally be home.

~TwinSpirit ღ
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