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Random Musings: I AM Many Things….



YES beautiful people I am still a music artist and I still sing – It always makes me giggle and surprises me when people as me that- (A new project is in the works even as we speak – I just have to let a little life happen to be inspired to create new things) ~

I AM Twin Spirit & I Creatively Express the Spirit of Me in Many Many Ways!!

I create MUSIC:
I love to write & share my Random I blog:
I create wearable ART:
I love/sell recycled fashions: Fave platforms & The Frugal Stop – Pop Up Shop
I love to support other Artist, so I partner with The SOFA Series:
I love to inspire Artist & small Art/Entertainment based businesses to grow so I provide consulting & administrative services:

My Creative Self Expression is not limited to One Medium, One Form, One Experience, or One Platform. I Morph, Shift, Change, Expand, & Flow as I move through each and every moment. I want to experience all that this life has to offer…so I love hard, play hard, work hard, & relax as much as I desire. I try it all on for size. If inspired I MOVE. Labels, boxes, & expectations do not define me. ONLY the Callings of My Heart & Soul Mold the path that I chose to walk on this journey we call “LIFE”.

Shared with Love,


Random Musings: Fully Immerse Yourself


TwinSpirit Quote 7-9-14

Random Musings: So Proud of Me….


proud of me

Today I found myself standing face to face with a situation that I have met many many many times before in my life…its part of a cycle. I recognized it completely for what it was. It paralyzed me for a moment as I found myself struggling since my immediate reaction was to respond in the way I always did in the past. My old thought patterns began to speak to me and I found myself feeling worry, then sadness, feeling less than, & then fear. The comfortable thing to do would have been to simply reACT & go into my old response mode…But this time I didn’t do anything at all. I just sat there, very aware that I was on the brink of a major breakthrough…I allowed myself to just be still and feel every single emotion that the situation was stirring up in me.

I observed & watched the whole scene play out as if I were viewing a movie. Then I answered each feeling that arose with my new truth…when I felt unworthy I said that is a lie, you are More Than Enough. When the sadness crept in, I sad thank you for coming to visit me but you are no longer needed here because I am choosing Joy. It was truly an internal battle, My old negative thought patterns fighting it out with my true self. I am very proud to say that my Higher Self won the battle. I was able to redirect my thoughts & energy and this time I responded in a NEW way that felt empowering, deliberate, & loving to the spirit of Me. I chose to honor the God in ME rather than succumb to the fears….and it felt amazing!! ‪#‎Awareness‬ ‪#‎Growth‬ ‪#‎Winning‬