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365 Days of Allowing – My Journey: Day 202 ~ My Breakdown


(My Breakdown: I Breathe ~ Written By: TwinSpirit ♥ )

“Breathing in and out. Taking each breath in slowly and deliberately. Exhaling with intent. Right now I feel like I can’t breathe. Like if I don’t focus on each breath my soul may slip away from my body and the version of me that I am right now will cease existing. Each moment I struggle to focus on the now…to not allow myself to drift away into the pains and hurts of yesterday or to melt into the fears and worries of tomorrow.

I just sit here and I breathe…inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale…I breathe. As the hot tears stream down my face..I breathe. As the tightness wells in my throat..I breathe. As feelings of sadness, loss, & regret wash over me in hot waves…I breathe. As my heart pounds damn near out of my chest…I breathe. I breathe. I breathe.

I realize that I am still here…so I breathe. I acknowledge that although I am feeling pain that at least I can still feel which means I am still connected to the heart of I breathe. I hear my heart beating in my ears like the boom of my ancestors drum as if to signal & celebrate that I am still alive and have so much more living to do…so I breathe. I feel a warmness move across my face & skin it embraces me and soothes me in its gentle caress…so I breathe.

I feel a gentle stirring and rumble from the center of me that grows in intensity like thunder as a storm begins to roll in…so I breathe. I hear a whisper from deep within it says to me over and over You are Loved because You are Love. You are Loved because You are Love, You are Loved because You are Love..Over and over the whisper sounds…So I breathe. I breathe. I breathe. I breathe”

( I Breathe ~ Written By: TwinSpirit ♥ )

copyright 2012 My Beautiful Ugly Publishing


Random Musings: You Can’t Rescue Someone Who Doesn’t Want To Be Saved


I just awoke from a much needed nap as my head & heart were in overload. My higher self spoke these words to me as I awoke from my slumber- They moved me deeply so I thought I would share:

“You are correct divine one…something is off & not quite right in that situation. Things are not what they seem and the truth is being hidden. Your intuition is correct but know that darkness can only blind those that choose to keep their eyes closed.

There are no victims in this life. Pain and suffering is always a choice just as is happiness. Being a martyr is a choice and many will concede, to avoid confrontation, rather than standing up in their truth. You cannot rescue someone who doesn’t want to be saved.

Know that one’s actions rather than their words “always” speak their truth and While love is greater than fear…fear is often the motivation that many allow to guide their path. It takes courage to make a change & to live the life of your dreams and not everyone is ready for that journey.

You may feel alone at times but know that what is for you is already yours…You must more than believe this, You must KNOW this.

Relax sweet child, all that your heart desires is waiting for you…all you have to do is Let Go of the worry, take your focus away from the fears and place it on the what you desire: savor it, & simply Receive it.”

~ ♥ I THANK YOU for the gentle reminder & for comforting me when I need it most. Gift Received ~

With Loving Gratitude,

TwinSpirit ♥