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Random Musings: Marriage is a Business



MARRIAGE (be it traditional, open, common law, alternative etc.) IS A BUSINESS…(I know that doesn’t sound romantic and people don’t like to admit or acknowledge this..but it is a fact.)

So many people seem to have missed that part and we often do not rear our children to view it as such!

The partner you choose, can make or break the outcome of your Life…Your health…wealth…DNA…spiritual, physical, emotional, & mental well being are all impacted by whom we choose to partner, reproduce, or parent with.

LOVE is an important component of marriage and if nurtured it grows with time… but it is not the only ingredient required to have a successful marriage or long term relationship!

I want to create wealth, raise strong and intelligent children, manifest my dreams, grow spiritually, and build a strong and stable connection as well as an empire with my life partner…There is indeed a BUSINESS Aspect and Mindset required to achieve this.

You must align yourself with a person that desires these things as well…not doing so can and often does create a rift (an opening made by splitting or a pulling in opposite directions) and oftentimes holds us back from living our best life.

Should you love each one another? Yes of course… And that love & trust should continue to grow stronger and stronger. But ultimately Marriage is a Partnership…The teamwork aspect is Pivotal. Sharing Common Goals, Mindsets, & Outlooks is paramount to success!! A strong friendship and mutual respect is the best foundation to build a solid relationship upon.

Marriage is BOTH Business and Love, but LOVE is not the only or sometimes even the most important aspect to focus on when selecting the right LIFE PARTNER.

You can LOVE someone and they still may not be the most wise or healthy choice for you as a Life Partner aka “Team Mate”. It all depends on what your desired long term outcome is.

Love is part of what you need to make it work but in no way is it ONLY what you need.

Shared with 
Twin Spirit



Random Musings: A Moment of Transparency…



Moment of Transparency: There is truly only 1 man I have ever been in Love with. I have liked fondly, cared for, craved, and had love for others but only one has crawled into the deep recesses of my heart, soul, & mind and stayed there.

I still love him to this day and if I am honest am still “in-love” with him too. I will always love him, at his best and at his worst. I think it’s because I see him clearly for who and what he is….not just an ideal or a representation of what I wish him to be. He is amazing and awful at the same damn time…lol.

He has made me smile, laugh, & blush and he has also made me cry. He has made me feel beautiful and like I don’t matter. He is all that I wish a man to be and many of the things I can’t stand. He is free like the wind and often an island unto himself. He is giving and selfish, kind and cruel, open and secretive, honest and a liar.

He is a paradox but if I am honest I wouldn’t want him to be any other way.

It’s easy to believe that if only “they” would be just what you want them to be that life would be perfect and so simple but the truth is that loving him just the way he is has forced me to explore and understand Me. Pushed me outside of my comfort zone and made me accept that at the end of the day I, and I alone, hold the key to my happiness. (not another being, not a relationship status, & not who loves me in return.)

He is my Soulmate and I love him with all that is in me but he is not my man. I do not belong to him and he does not belong to me. Our connection is not always rainbows and butterflies but it is honest and it is real…and it is Beautiful ~ Twin Spirit

Random Musings: Let It Go!!!



“Sometimes the best BEST thing you can do is simply “Let Go”….

Of people who don’t value you, expectations, fears, pain, unhealthy connections, judgements, preconceived notions, lost causes, unrequited love, the desire to control, playing small, being a martyr, game players, situations that leave you unfulfilled, time wasters, essence zappers, & spirit breakers.

Holding on tightly to and focusing on these things drains your energy and distracts you from all of the possibilities that await you. Life goes on and the sun always rises and shines its light brightly somewhere everyday…So Should We! #BeLikeTheSUN” ~ Words from the heart of: Twin Spirit #SharedWithLove

Random Musings: I Choose Relief…



Some days I simply choose relief…
this may look many different ways.
sometimes it’s a smile,
others it’s a gentle letting go,
at times it’s an outburst or a melting away,
some days it’s an air of “whatever” with a side of “I simply don’t care”
Whatever it is..I embrace it and honor my right to choose it in that moment.
There is no right or wrong in the matter. Interpret it as you will…
My only concern is that it is authentic and sits well with my soul
and I’m truly okay with that. ~ Twin Spirit


Random Musings: Just Do It Anyway



When the world doesn’t understand the reason why you Sing…Just Sing Anyway

When they do not understand why you choose to Smile in the midst of the storms…Just Smile Anyway

When they question your motives and heart for doing what you feel is Right…Just Follow Your Heart Anyway

When they mock and criticize the platform or methods “You” choose in the Fight for Change…Just Keep Fighting Anyway

When they attempt to shame you because you dare to think for yourself and have a mind of your own…Just Keep Thinking Anyway

When the world attempts to Dictate Your Position, Silence your Voice, or Dim Your Light…Just KEEP Shining Anyway

There are many paths one can take to effect change…Each one unique yet Equally Powerful and Important.

Find Your Path, Your Voice, Your Cause, Your Purpose, Your Platform….and Just Do It YOUR Way

~ Twin Spirit



Random Musings: Just Read Me




A Moment of Transparency from TwinSpirit : Have you ever woken up, looked around at your current situation and asked yourself “How Did I End Up Back In This Same Place Again?”. There are times when you have to ask yourself what you really really want in this life.

Not what you are “okay” with or the minimum you are willing to accept or what you have accepted in the past, but what is it that you truly long for in this life and then you must honestly decide if you have been doing all that is necessary to bring those things into fruition. If not, You must ask yourself are you ready and willing to do what is required to achieve those things and once you have them are you willing to put in the work to maintain them.

I finally had to admit to myself a few years ago that some of the things that I deeply longed for I had yet to achieve or receive because over and over again I had often settled for less than what I truly wanted, needed, desired, & honestly deserved in many situations.

I held on when it would have been wiser to let go, I said yes when I should have said no. I allowed my understanding nature & kindness to be pushed and stretched beyond limits that were healthy for me. I let my desire to be a “nice” or “good” person overshadow my ability to be truly honest when my needs were not being met or I was hurting because I was afraid that asking for what I truly wanted would make me appear needy.

The Real & Hard TRUTH is that most times we are in the spaces and places we are in because we allow it. Somewhere deep inside we feel powerless and at the mercy of our circumstances.

The moment we realize that we are the key that unlocks the prison door we instantly become FREE.

Free to let go, move forward, make changes, say no & say Yes to what our souls truly desire.

You are the Captain of your own destiny. Plot your course and sail it in the direction of your purpose and dreams. Whatever they may be. Release those things that hold you back and hold you down. Silence self doubt and the whispers in your ears telling you what you can’t do or where you can’t go. They are lies.

You do not need anyone’s permission to live a better life. So stop waiting for the worlds approval and Go For It….and remember ONLY YOU have the power to decide what “IT” shall be.

I Believe In You…But The Magic Happens When YOU Believe In You Too!!

Love Always,
~ Twin Spirit

Random Musing: Love = Freedom



A MOMENT OF TRANSPARENCY: I fully admit that I have very different ideals when it comes to partnerships and relationships. Not “better or even worse” just vastly different.

I believe in family, I just also believe the family structure and dynamic can look many different ways. That all of them are okay and that they can all be successful as long as the parties involved are on the same page, maintain open honest communication, do things from a place of love , and share a common goal. The truth is there is no “One Size Fits All” when it comes to family, relationship, or love and trying to fit into a box that doesn’t fit ultimately causes unnecessary pain for the people involved.

There are many issues that pop up in long term relationships and many of them stem from the belief that our partners belong to us (love/commitment equals ownership), if someone loves us then they alone are solely & fully responsible for all of our happiness, wants, and needs, and if our partner loves us they will always know what we need and do what we want (and if they do not then they must not really care).

I am polyamorous , no this has nothing to do with my sexual orientation (for some reason people think this means you want to have sex with any and everybody…NOPE! FALSE! NEGATIVE). While I do enjoy sexual expression as much as, well maybe even more than the next person, the way I am wired, sexual desire is inspired by the emotional, intellectual, & spiritual connection I have with an individual. You can be physically alluring but if the other boxes are not ticked then more than likely I will pass on the pudding. I honestly prefer & desire deep connections built on friendship that can be explored fully and grown long term.

What it does mean is that I acknowledge my ability to care for, love, & maintain deep intimate relationships with more than one person at a time. Those connections may all look very different but each is beautifully fulfilling in it’s own way.

This also means that it is not in my nature to think that simply because I love someone and they love me that it means they will never ever care for or feel deeply for anyone else. Also it means that I know that any attraction or interest my love may have or find in another human being doesn’t negate what we have, what we are building, or what they feel for me. There is no sense of competition, because I am who I am and they are who they are. No one brings exactly what I bring to the table. It’s natural to enjoy, be inspired by, and attracted to new things. It’s called being Alive 🙂

The world is full of variety and diverse experiences. I would never attempt to control the opportunities for growth, expansion, friendship, expression, & love that another human being may get to experience on this life journey (this includes my family, children, friends, & lovers). Especially under the guise of Insecurity & Fear artfully disguised as Love.

Many people believe “well if they love me then I would be enough for them. They would have no desire to explore new things or meet new people. They would do as I say. They would feel as I feel”. That is limiting, destructive, & foolish thinking in my opinion.

It is only in “LOVE” that we attempt to imprison one anothers being. We cling tightly and attempt to hold on for dear life. We feel that someone may attempt to take this thing we hold so dear. It is our “Precious”. So we try to lock it away, hide it away, control it, manipulate it, we be damned if someone else is going to have the opportunity to enjoy this thing.

Trust me…I truly do understand where this intense obsession comes from & why…Simply put “Love” makes us feel good, connected, a part of something bigger, full, whole, complete, and we will do anything in our power to maintain and keep a hold of the thing that we feel is the reason for our intensely good feelings. That however is where the illusion begins…

Our partners, lovers, friends, family, etc. are not the source of the feelings they are merely reflections of the LOVE that resides inside of us. Yes, they add joy to our lives, keep us company on this journey, give us warm hugs and stir our emotions (both positive & negative). They help us learn more about who we are, what we want, & what we need….BUT they are NOT the fountain from which the love flows…WE ARE….They are merely a conduit to reflect the essence of the love we exude & give, back at us.

The truth is…(I know this will be hard to accept or believe)…we often don’t love the objects of our affection we simply love how they make “US” feel. This is why we loose it when we think something else might gain their attention and become their point of focus. This could be a new job, a new person, a new exercise regimen, going back to school, starting a new business, pursuing their dreams…The list is endless. We get so afraid when we think we might lose the source of our Good Feelings. When the reality is the Source of our Good Feelings can never be taken away because it lives inside of each and every one of us.

Call it what you like…the semantics matter not to me. Call it God, Love Energy, The Source, Magick, Your Essence…. this is the true place that fullness, connection, and completion resides. Not in the beings we choose to share the life journey with. Yes they add to it but they are not it. This is why I have no issue with those I love living their best life, yes even if that includes connecting deeply with other people . I support it and encourage it. The truth is when I love you I wish the best for you and realize that “the best” in any given moment may come from a source outside of me.

For me Love equals Trust & Freedom. I trust those I love to know what is best for their hearts and souls (even if it’s not something I understand ). I trust that our connection is solid enough for them to always be open and honest with me about what they feel, need, & desire. From that place of trust I grant them Freedom to live, love, do, & be themselves in every aspect (not just when it’s in line with my way of thinking, convenient for or beneficial for me). I have no desire to limit their experiences or lock them down. I will always be honest about how I feel but will also try my best to honor the place from which they are coming as well.

Now understand this does not mean that I never feel insecure or unsure, or that I don’t get angry or irritated. Believe me I do. But when those feelings arise I know that it has more to do with me than someone else. It means that there are issues surfacing that I need to address and attend to. So I sit with the feeling and explore them to understand where they come from and why. I know it is ultimately “MY” responsibility to slay my own dragons.

You may ask, “Well how in the hell can one build a family or grow a commitment with all of this Freedom going on?”….lol. The truth is with open honest communication and a shared end goal this is very possible. See long term commitments such as marriage are simply a combination or mixture of two or more elements. A union, alliance, fusion, blend, amalgamation, combination, merger…You get the Idea…LOL. It is a United Front: A Team that is working together towards a common end goal…Be it Raising Children, Strengthening Familial Bonds, Spiritual Growth, Building Community, Building Wealth, Personal Development, etc. The possible shared goals are numerous but the point is there is an agreement in place within the union and a sense of mutual obligation and commitment to whatever the team has deemed the End Goal to be. This agreement will look different for everyone’s relationships. If everyone involved is fully committed to the same end goal then allowing freedom to your lover will not hurt you or your relationship as their choices will always take into consideration the impact on the end goal of the union. Now if everyone is not then that is a whole different issue that needs to be addressed.

The most beautiful part is that there are many different types of relationship paradigms (structures). It is vitally important that we take some time to figure out what type looks, works, and feels best for us and that we are honest about this with those who we decide to connect & share our lives with. The truth is this also takes time and maybe even some trial and error until we discover the right fit. It is very important that as you make new discoveries that you share them especially if you happen to make these discoveries while already in a committed relationship and this will require possible shifts and adjustments to your standing agreements or the relationship itself. (Yea I know that sounds scary and Change scares us because we do not know what it might bring).

The reality is that we are all in “Multiple Relationships” already. We call them different things and the level and depth of each one varies but they are all important to us for their own unique reasons and we would totally resent anyone walking into our lives and telling us that we must terminate all of these connections and agree to never build any new ones if we are going to love them & have them in our life. So why do we do this on a daily basis to the people we say that we genuinely love and care for?

Understand I am not here to convince anyone of anything or change your minds. But I am here to ask the pointed questions and who knows maybe it will open up some much needed dialog on the subject of relating and relationships.

Shared from a space and place of love ~ Twin Spirit

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