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Random Musings: We Judge Others the Way We Judge Ourselves….


slef judgement

MY THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: I find it most interesting, as I observe the Human Experience, how we seem to delight so much in finding ways to separate ourselves from or place ourselves above another. We have a moment of enlightenment, clarity, or growth in an area, and then instantly become the poster child for that new movement in our lives, and typically begin judging or looking down our noses at those who do not walk that path or live that life choice.

I find it amusing and a bit disturbing that we take such pride in finding reasons to belittle, disregard, & downplay others who simply choose to walk a different Path, have a different experience, or simply have a different Perspective and we justify this often acidic, rude, unloving, & aggressive behavior by saying that we are just “Keeping It Real”.

The TRUTH is We often judge others how we judge ourselves. When we are seeking change for ourselves, we sometimes feel we can comment on (or seek change for) the lives of others—about how they should behave, about what is acceptable for them, and so on. We have some inexplicable sense of entitlement that validates our judgmental parts in behaving this way. Generally, our judgment of others is an extension of self-judgment; and the self-judgment is so ingrained, so normal, we don’t even recognize it. If we pay attention & become more aware we’ll often notice that the internal judgmental parts of us are constantly criticizing, sizing up, dismissing, and diminishing Us. We then project that same judgement on the world around us.

Oh what a Revelation!..The outer world truly is a reflection of the inner world. Pulling back the curtain can be an intense & scary experience. Facing this part of ourselves is always challenging..but having the courage to do so can be a great leap forward in transforming the critical internal dialogue, of old hurts & pains, which is often embedded so deeply in us that we think it is US! In turn this will transform and diminish our judgement of others.”

– Shared with Love from the Heart & Soul of TwinSpirit