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365 Days of Allowing – My Journey: Day 77 ~ The Art of Letting Go


Image Credit: Heidi Wastweet

Letting go does not mean giving up. It simply means releasing the need to control. To Stop Fighting…and start allowing.

Fighting usually means we are focusing on what we don’t want & what we don’t have. This just keeps us tied up in negative emotions and unable to move forward.

While Allowing means we are able to see clearly & appreciate where we are right now and are able to be positive in the current moment even if its not exactly as we would like it to be, Because we know that the true desires of our souls have been heard and the universe (God/Source) is working in partnership with us to create the reality our hearts dream of.

All that you desire is already Done…You just have to allow yourself to receive it.

Positive Emotion/Thought=Alignment with God, Connected to True Self/On Path –
Negative Emotion/Thought=Out if Alignment with God, Disconnected from True Self/Off Path

Inspired With Love,
~TwinSpirit ♥

365 Days of Allowing – My Journey: Day 76 ~ Show Me, Don’t Tell Me (Actions Speak LOUDER)



I spend lots of time dealing with ME. Digging, exploring, uncovering, releasing, renewing, refreshing, soothing, encouraging, reprimanding, questioning and loving.

Honestly, sometimes I truly do not understand why I feel the way I feel or react the way I do to things.

It’s truly annoying…lol.

Well it’s 2am and a thought that has been tugging at my heart the last few weeks has finally come to the surface and I am ready to now address it with words.


I have always been a word girl. I love the sound certain words make as they roll off my lips, I love to know the origin and definition of words.  I am wordy in my communication and rather skilled at clearly communicating my deepest innermost thoughts and feelings via lots & lots of words.

I am a word artist. I paint with words. I heal with words. I uplift with words. I hurt with words. I escape with words. I travel with words. I create & manifest with words.

Well, as in love as I am with the vibration that emanates from “words”, I have come to realize that if one’s actions do not align with the words thought & spoken it often leaves me only halfway satisfied or even rather disappointed with the experience.

To get a little personal…I have been showered with some of the most beautiful words, thoughts, & expressions of interest and love over the last few weeks. Each word shower just bathes me in a warm and wonderful mist of appreciation. It feels great and I feel beautiful and special. It always makes me long for more as its our nature to move towards those things, people, & experiences that bring us happiness, joy , and all around warm positive vibrations.

As beautiful and heart warming as the words have been. I have been trying really hard not to get swept up in the moment. Not because I do not desire to submerge myself deeply into the experience, but more so because the actions of the individual and their words are not quite lining up at the moment. I just sense that a bit more observation is required.

I have questioned myself rather intensely on the matter, as I am wanting to ensure that my pulling back is not fear related. I must admit there is a little bit of fear involved.

The feelings that the words conjure just draw me in so deeply. I feel all giddy, happy , & a school girl. It feels soooo good and keeps me smiling. Then my voice of reason & past experiences keeps cautioning me to pull back, tread lightly, and be careful.

The internal battle has been brewing…(A) To just let go and Enjoy the Moment or  (B) To Pull back and try to Control the moment to ensure that Pain does not linger around the Corner. My nature leans towards option (A) but believe me my voice of reason ain’t going down without a fight. So all weekend I have been slowly pulling myself back from the ledge, it’s not nearly as much fun or as pleasurable as allowing myself to get lost in the sweet possibilities.

The “ACTIONS” of the individual with the beautiful heart & words to match, however, are causing me to take pause. *sigh*

So for the moment I have pulled the door to my heart closed from the slightly cracked position that it had opened to over the last few weeks. But I have flung open the window so that I may still hear the sweet song & beautiful words while I observe from my safe place inside.

Shared with Love & a Deeper Understanding,






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365 Days of Allowing – My Journey: Day 67 ~ I Choose Happiness :-)


This weekend I found myself getting sucked into the tide of worry.

There is something that I truly desire to manifest on a very deep level.

I feel that my spirit has drawn this particular situation into my life.

Now that it appears to potentially become my reality I find myself  beginning to worry about everything that could go wrong.

I began to play scenarios in my head of what could happen to derail my desire.

At one point during the weekend I had processed what I did not want to happen so much that it brought tears to my eyes.

I became sad and found myself giving up on what my heart longs for even before I have given it time to develop.

I found myself overwhelmed with many emotions and inspired all at the same time.

So I allowed my longing, tears, & sadness to pour into a new song.

I let the emotions run their course in the song.

I allowed my worries to play out in the song and then I let them go.

And like magic I instantly began to feel a little better moment by moment.

I began to see that what is for me will be and anything else is merely preparation for what I desire.

My worries began to drift away and dissipate as the notes from my newly inspired creation drifted off into the early morning stillness.

A smile returned to my face & heart and I was able to slowly shake the dark cloud that I had cast about me.

Now, I admit the inklings of worry still pop up here and there but I am able to at least neutralize them with positive thoughts instantly.

By focusing on what Makes me Happy…I feel Happier.

So simple…who would have thunk it?…lol

How easily we forget the simple truths.

I am grateful to be an artist.

I love that I am able to filter my heavier emotions into my art,

Which allows me to acknowledge them & then release them

so that I may return my Focus to things that make me smile 🙂

I TRUST that all I Desire is on its way to me and that in its proper time it will Manifest & Unfold.

Even when I am scared, impatient, or worried…I dig deeper and reach for better feelings.

I Choose Happiness!!!

~ TwinSpirit ♥



Random Musings: Bliss Moments..Yes!!



I just had an Ice Cream Sandwich…It was soooooo good!

Had me smiling and swinging my feet just like a little kid.

Life’s little pleasures..The Best.


~ Get You Some ♥

All the little bitty moments of pleasure, joy, & bliss add up to a Happy Life

♥ Savor the little moments…..



365 Days of Allowing – My Journey: Day 64 ~ LIVE the LIFE You LOVE!!!



“We give up the things we love, in order to chase what society tells us we need to be happy.

But we will never find happiness through the giving up of what we love –

In fact, it is only through a loving participation in those things, & through loving ourselves that we will ever find true happiness.”

~ lifeinfullcolour

♥ Do what You Love!! Be with Who You Love!! LIVE the LIFE You LOVE!!!!! Now!!! ♥

#no more excuses…..



365 Days of Allowing – My Journey: Day 61 ~ I Give Up…Gonna Love Me 1st


I have always been a hold on’er, never give up’er, keep trying kinda girl.

I push forward, keep smiling, and keep believing in most all circumstances in my life.

I understand, can usually see all sides of a situation clearly, and get why most people do what they do and say what they say.

I maintain friendships during rough times and keep on loving even at times when it is clear that the love and even simple concern is not being reciprocated.

I am here writing today because I honestly wanted to evaluate WHY????

Why do I feel it is necessary to hang on…

to keep believing…

to keep understanding…

to keep forgiving…

to keep loving…

to keep supporting…

to keep listening…

to keep comforting…

to keep opening my heart and soul..

to keep people in my life who show me via their words and even more so their actions

that they truly DON’T CARE about me at all.

Do I feel this makes me righteous?

Is this my deeply embedded christian indoctrination of turning the other cheek?

Do I feel that being a martyr, all the while wearing a smile, somehow makes me a strong woman of character?

What is it that motivates me to Hang in There when the Going Gets Tough??…and it’s been Hella Tough at times in my Life.

Why do I fight so hard for love & friendship especially when the other parties involved seem to be okay with letting things fade away.

Tonight I accept that I DO NOT KNOW Why I allow myself to suffer needlessly for connections that are obviously more important to me than they are to others.

So TODAY I give myself permission to GIVE UP!!!!

To no longer cling tightly when others are letting go.

To no longer subject my heart to overgiving when, via their actions, others are saying they are no longer  interested in receiving

or even more correctly stated they have no concern for me the giver and are only interested in the gift.

I give myself permission to sever all relationships that are stagnant and draining..and not for lack of my trying to resuscitate them and breath life back into the cold lifeless form of what used to be a thriving connection.

I give myself permission to let go and not feel guilty for it.

To move on and not condemn myself for not trying hard enough to understand or make it work.

I release myself from the need to stick it out especially when I am receiving more pain than pleasure from the connection.

I free myself from the barrage of WHYS and self scrutiny…when people who say they love me and/or are my friend just ball me up and throw our connection in the trash like unwanted garbage, and walk away without even a word or a goodbye when they decide you are no longer needed.

I release myself from the feeling that somehow in someway I am yet again not Good Enough to motivate someone to stay or to care.

I free myself from the LIE that it is my responsibility to make other people Happy.

I give myself permission to be allowed to be the one who is Pissed Off & Fed Up…the who who storms off, walks away, throws in the towel, who says Fuck It..I’m Out.

I FREE Myself from the ties that bind me to connections that are not mutually nurturing and mutually respectful.

I am no longer obligated to be STRONG for everyone that is weak.

I give myself permission to break down, let the tears flow, let the pain out and To remove fake pasted on smiles when I am truly hurting.

I no longer require ME to be the strong silent rescuer or the forever understanding listener to those who show me that they DO NOT CARE FOR ME via their words and mostly their actions.

I have finally learned that “LOVING YOU” does not mean “SACRIFICING ME”.

I shall always be a Being of love but for some connections it shall now be from a distance.

Starting TODAY I am going to LOVE ME 1st & MOST 🙂

Shared with Love & a greater understanding,


365 Days of Allowing – My Journey: Day 54 ~ My Natural State is LOVE


Greetings new day..I salute you.

I fearlessly flow and allow all that I desire to manifest and unfold.

I courageously with an open heart receive all of the Love, Joy, Bliss, Lusciousness, Prosperity, Adventure, Play,

Friendship, Beauty, Freedom, Creativity, & Happiness that I and I alone desire.

My 1st priority is to alignment and allowing source to flow through me.

I know that from a place of alignment all things are possible.

With great love and gentle understanding I submit to my natural state,

my god state….LOVE ♥

~ By: TwinSpirit

365 Days of Allowing – My Journey: Day 52 ~ I Appreciate the Spirit that is YOU



“Please know when I say, “I love you,” it’s not because I want you, because I can’t have you, or what you can do for me.

It is my spirit speaking to your spirit.

I love what you are, what you do, how you try.

I see your kindness and your strength.

I see the best and the worst of you.

And I understand with perfect clarity exactly who you are.

You are perfectly imperfect and I would not have you any other way.

I appreciate the Spirit that is YOU”

♥ ~Hugs, TwinSpirit

365 Days of Allowing – My Journey: Day 49 ~ Finally Know That I’m ENOUGH


MY NEW VIDEO: “Enough” By: International Soul/Jazz Artist TwinSpirit (That’s me…hehehe. hearing it still makes me giggle blissfully)

from the “My Beautiful Ugly” Project.

~An Anthem of Self-Love~

“Embracing that I Am all I need, Finding Beauty in all I see.

Embracing the light, the love, the joy. Finally know that I’m ENOUGH” ~ TwinSpirit


Love starts first with loving yourself.

Enjoy and PLEASE SHARE!!


To Hear More Selection from The” My Beautiful Ugly” Project visit this link: