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Random Musings: I Choose Me…


I Choose Me

By: TwinSpirit
Let not my smiles deceive you…
I too struggle and long for relief.
Freedom from the need and desire to receive love & approval from outside of me.
The longing to be unaffected by the opinions of others especially those I love.
The release of painful illusions of self planted often unintentionally by those who claimed to have my “best interest” at heart, but who’s cloudy vision of themselves & personal fears only serve to block me from truly seeing me and being FREE.
The longing to Escape the need to connect & merge so deeply that I lose “ME” in the “WE”.
Relief from the self limiting false reality of success, love, & beauty viewed through the eyes of the many.
Escape from the lonely state that often accompanies the choice to live a genuinely authentic life of your own design.
Relief from the deeply embedded nagging belief that I am Not Enough just as I AM.
Finally being released from the LIE that my worth is tied to my ability to Please Others and that focusing on my genuine needs, wants, & desires makes me selfish.
I have openly stood naked before the world, bared and shared my heart and soul, given my friendship, love, time & support often until there was not much left to give.
I have been a willing participant in life experiences that tore my heart to shreds and left me limp & lifeless because of all of the energy they sucked from me, stood by folks through utter foolishness because I believed that good people support those they care about and love..period.
I understand, I listen, I support, I care, I give, I share, and I feel more deeply than others may even know.
I trust over and over again.
I breakdown and cry in the quiet darkness alone so as not to burden others because I know they have worries of their own.
TODAY I release MYSELF from the many self imposed prisons that I have created & allowed to be created for me.
TODAY I wipe away the tears and see ME as I DESIRE to see ME.
TODAY I let go of the need to rescue and save the World….
TODAY I finally choose ME…Completely and unapologetically 🙂 –
I Choose Me from the Heart of Twin Spirit ♥

Random Musings: Excited about Life’s Beautiful Possibilities



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Sending much love and beautiful wishes to John & the whole PopingCherry Family. May the New Year bring you all the love your heart can hold and all the joy your soul can stand. Thank you so much for all that you do and all the support you give…yours is truly a wonderful soul. Know that You are truly Appreciated. Keep Shining Your light for ALL the World to See. May 2013 Bring you Much Success and Happiness. Big Hugs & Loads of Love from Me to You…Always TwinSpirit ❤


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