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365 Days of Allowing – My Journey: Day 18- The Verdict is In…Judgement



When you project your experience on others, you do not allow them the voice of their own experience.

When you choke others opinions with your insistence that you are correct, this does not come from a place of love, it comes from ego.

It comes from attachment to personal experience, not from the others presence in the NOW moment.

Allow others the fluidity of just being.

Allow their authentic self to emerge from the waters, being true to their own experiences.

Your experience (which includes your thoughts, feelings, observations, perspective, beliefs, values, etc.)  is unique to you

and NOT a model on how others ‘should’ behave and live their lives.

~ Shared with Love



Random Musings ~ I Am who I Am


Yes…That’s Me In the Pic 🙂

the reasons I do the things i do are simple

I give because I choose to.

I love because it feels good.

I sing because it makes me happy.

I share because it makes me feel close.

I’m open because I know no other way to express myself.

I’m quiet when I need to think.

I pull away when I’m not sure or scared.

I cry when I’m really happy but also when I’m really sad.

I’m strong but I’m still human so when I’m hurt I feel it deeply.

I will never ask you to be anyone other than yourself.

Honesty in your words and actions gets my total respect.

Some days I feel I can take on the world other days not so much.

I smile often…even when I’m not happy.

You never have to lie to me, most things I truly understand.

I still believe in magic & love.

I will support you to the end and share all that I have to give.

I don’t like feeling lonely but I enjoy time spent alone.

If I like you I like you.

If I love you I show it.

If I don’t I don’t.

If I want you you’ll know it.

Friendship means the world to me

however, I don’t waste energy

so If I find that I can’t trust you I simply go away.

I’m a woman

a mother

a daughter

a sister

a friend

an aunt

an artist

a creator

a believer in dreams

I’m action

I’m movement

I’m strength

I’m joy

I’m peace

I’m kindness

and so much more…..

I love sunshine & sunsets

good books & good sex

breakfast for dinner

playing in the rain

cuddling & traveling

music & laughing

my pleasures are simple

my desires are the same…

I don’t always make the best decisions but I’m never afraid to try.

I don’t always get the things I want and I’m not afraid to cry.

Life doesn’t frighten me nor does love, or connecting, or transparency

these things are necessary in the process of “getting to know” me.

I’m open to all the possibilities…..

no ulterior motives or hidden agendas behind my mask

and anything you ever want or need to know about me: remember “simply ask”

by: twinspirit

365 Days of Allowing – My Journey: Day 17- Embracing Change



How many of us greet change by digging in our heals and holding on to the status quo for dear life? I know I have been forced into many changes over the years – kicking and screaming the whole way. None of us like change. We would prefer that things stay as they are, even if we are miserable. It is better to face the known, no matter how horrible that known is, than to face change and the unknown.

We pray for our lives to become as we want them, but then when Spirit causes the changes necessary for our prayers to be answered, we fight them every step of the way. You ask Spirit for prosperity. Maybe to have the prosperity you have asked for, it is necessary for you to lose your present job and find a better one. So, your job becomes a burden, the boss is cranky, you have problems with your coworkers, etc. The longer you attempt to hold on to the job, the worse your working conditions become until finally you are fired and no longer have any choice in the matter.

If we only realized how much easier it is to take a deep breath and allow the changes to wash over us. To embrace the changes and allow Spirit to work in our lives. To have the total TRUST necessary to know that we are moving into the future we have craved.

When we can do this, change happens much faster and much smoother. Instead of spending months or years in an unhappy job situation, we listen to Spirit and keep our eyes open for the new job Spirit has planned for us. Within a few weeks, we hear about a job opening which is everything we have ever dreamed of. Instead of fighting the changes, we embrace them and step into a wonderful job. The transition is smooth instead of traumatic.

So, as you are faced with the changes coming up, learn to take a deep breath when things seem chaotic, ask Spirit to guide you, and be open to all possibilities. Embrace the changes and look to the future with enthusiasm.

With Love & A Greater Understanding,


365 Days of Allowing – My Journey: Day 16 ~ I Release You


I awoke..refreshed & renewed.

I finally let go of something that has been weighing heavy on my heart & mind for so long…

We analyze & rationalize away the beauty in so many things.

My Lesson Learned: My ability to love is a gift not a weakness. I will not allow the worlds fear of intimacy and connection to dim the light within me.

I will face head on the lessons that life & love have to share with me…in these things my spirit will grow.

I will embrace each experience and allow it to open me up and reveal to me “my truths”…

I will allow love to heal me, hold me, nurture me, discipline me, inspire me, cleanse me, strengthen me, & move me closer to that which I already am but lost in translation.

If allowed..Love simply gives us the opportunity to grow. Love is an experience, not just a feeling.

By: TwinSpirit

365 Days of Allowing – My Journey: Day 15 ~ Following your Bliss when Bills are Following You


Gas Bill…Due, Electric Bill…Due, Phone Bill…Past Due ~ How Do You Follow your Bliss when Bills are Following You?

“Pursuing your dream isn’t a luxury that can wait until you’ve taken care of the ‘serious’ business of life. It’s a necessity.” – Barbara Sher

Shared Thoughts on Living the Life of Your Dreams:

“As long as you are taking steps forward it is excellent, if you are in a lull where all you do is pay bills and don’t take any steps to follow your dreams then you are doing it wrong. Whatever your dream is it requires the help of a lot of people, and you can find financing for what you are passionate about if you connect. There are infinite excuses not to do something and only you understand the real reasons to actually do it. So many people give up and start “facing reality” which is a way of saying that they don’t have enough capacity and self discipline to make their dreams come true. When you know what you want the whole world appears as if it helps you get it, your perspective is shifted to that channel. If you are focused on paying bills then all you will see is the bills, but when you are focused on your dream then the bills are just part of your administration and organization.” -Ezra Masri

“If I may suggest, first, reduce the number and size of your bills. Second, spend as little time on doing what pays those bills..Devote the rest of your time and energy to pursuit of your dream(s). Third, if you continue this way, you will notice that you have reached a point when your ‘dream work’ can pay your bills. Fourth , drop the work you were doing just to be able to pay the bills. Now, focus all your time and energy on your dream(s). Sounds simple? Well, it is simple.”-Ravindra Joshi

“In truth the answer lies within. Apologies if this sounds like a cliche, but trust your instincts. I left a big grown up job to follow mine and have had a few white knuckle rides on the journey but wouldn’t want to change it – to James’s point, its about what you value. Adjust your life around you to enable you to be faithful to your true values – in short, make your values the ‘necessity’. It takes bravery but hey, in life, what doesn’t!? Marriage, mortgage, kids…etc..all big decisions with no real idea how it will all turn out but it doesn’t stop us committing to these momentus life changing decisions – we ultimately trust our instincts.” – Baz Seal

“The bills will always be there waiting for you to start paying them again, if you need to. Follow the dream – it’s surprising how easy it is to construct your own path.”-Scott Armstrong

“Do you think there is necessarily a contradiction between the two – fulfilling your dreams, making money from it. Generally, our economic system works pretty well. If you are successful at something (could be painting, dancing etc…not just hi tech start up or whatever) you’re going to earn money from it. So, slightly tougher love than from some of the folks here… 1. Follow your dreams, and live the life you have imagined. But, if you’re not making any money at it, maybe you’re not very good, and you should do something you’ll excel at. I had lots of jobs, until I found something I was good at 2. What do you value, what do other people value? Are your dreams aligned to what other people want, ie: you might want to be a suit-of-armour repairer but there’s less demand for that than there used to be 😉 Figure out your 2nd dream and pursue that 3. As we get through our lives our dream changes. Once, I wanted to change the World, now i just want to die without a scandal (someone else said that btw). Lots of advice you will get is to focus, do what you dream of. Sorry, my advice is not that. Do a few different things at once. I know a girl who wanted to be an actress, ended up working on Wall Street and loving it. Another guy dreamt of working on Wall St, became a drugs counsellor.” – James Walker

“I like to question the question before I find the right answer to the wrong question. I think a more important underlying question is what am I trying to achieve, what is the target, the end goal for which I must now make this choice. This simplifies the ‘correct answer’ criteria to either it supports the goal or distracts me from it. My version of this question is: ‘which would I rather regret?’ In your case, ‘having all my bills paid and still hungry with desire?’ or ‘going a little hungry yet satisfied on the inside having given life everything I’ve got?’ Next most important question: “What in the world am I doing wasting time questioning the goal instead of giving it everything I’ve got today!?” Today is your legacy. Success is the end of many failures. Be the change you want to see in this world. You’re ‘crazy’ until proven ‘genius’… be crazy. Live to tell your grandkids the tale. Don’t look for the world’s last role model… be a role model. Step out of line and all eyes are on you. Lead, make your own path, and others will follow. Think for yourself… or others will tell you what to think!!! Bills getting in the way?… make up your mind which you want – comfort or your dreams?… the rest overboard !
The prevailing theme here is what’s going on within you not around you… your dreams. Make THAT change what’s going on around you… DO NOT LET WHAT’S GOING ON AROUND YOU CHANGE YOUR DREAMS.” – Antonio Robateau

“I would rather be happy and poor than rich and miserable. I’ll play music my whole life, even if I struggle to live. Wealth is on the inside, deep in your spirit, in your heart. Life is your creation, what will you make of it? We are all human, animals living on the planet together. If you truly look deep within to the core of your being, where all emotions reside, there you will find all the answers to the universe, answers which transcend verbal communication. When we see it in ourselves, we can see it in others, and thus it spreads like the flowering of a sunflower field. And from this, dreams emerge, for all the universe is one, and we act accordingly. Through this, there will be no scarcity, no “making ends meet”. A great discipline is bestowed upon us, as the collective human, with our powers of manifesting thoughts and actions out of those thoughts, to create a world for the better of all.” – Theodore Oberg

“If you want to feel wealthy count all the things in your life money can’t buy.” – Christopher Scheidler

“Well, for good or for bad, I have “gone for broke.” Once I started following my dreams, there was no turning back! The definition of “happiness” has changed for me – it’s not about making as much $ as possible, but about leaving a legacy in this world that you and your family would be proud of!” – Al Meyers

TODAY’S OBSERVATION~ “Your dreams & desires are the longings of your soul and the beat of your heart. They call to you and if you have the courage to follow they will lead you to places unimaginable. They will lay before you a path..a path in which you co-create the reality of your dreams. A path where your thoughts will be like magic and your visions will manifest. FOCUS on what feels right to you, what brings you joy, what makes you happy, what stirs your passions, what makes you smile and brings you peace..these things are always signs that we are heading in the direction of our BLISS. Feel your way to the places your heart desires. REMEMBER: Where your thought goes your life flows. What you place your focus on multiplies…So intently FOCUS your Attention ( energy, thoughts, in essence these are all the same thing) on your dreams, And watch life give you all you desire.” ~ TwinSpirit

Shared with Love & a Greater Understanding…

365 Days of Allowing – My Journey: Day 14 ~ Put Her On Mute or Give Her Some Love?


I am feeling so wonderful. My spirit is light and my heart is free. At this moment I feel very inspired to write.

I take my seat in my favorite chair at my favorite desk to begin sharing my thoughts for the day.

I glance to the left and catch a glimpse of a woman. My what a round fat face she has? Look at her hair. Those arms sure could use some toning. Is that a double chin I see? OMG what is she thinking??? On and on the negative thoughts spring forth one after the other.

I feel a sadness come over me and my energy level sinks quickly.

How awful that my first thoughts of this woman were filled with negativity and criticism

and how sad that the woman I was speaking about so harshly was me after seeing my reflection in the mirror.

I tore into me with no mercy and no consideration. I ripped me to shreds all in the matter of 1 minute.

Where did all of that come from?

It is so easy and natural for me to see the beauty in others and to see the beauty in the world that surrounds me.

But sometimes it is a challenge to see and maintain that same level of appreciation for me.

At times I have spoken to myself in a manner that I would never allow anyone to speak to me. I have said things that I would never tolerate from another soul.

Who is that mean, insecure little person and why do I allow her to reside within my castle walls? Why don’t I ask her to leave or just kick her out? Why do I keep her around?

Why do I listen to her? Why did I allow her to change my mood instantly? Why don’t I put her on MUTE?

Well her name is Negativity and she thrives from attention. She gains more power and energy from my focus. She is a culmination of old untrue thoughts I have received that I have not released . She is not good for me but I hold on to her. She is not a match to the truth of who I am and what I desire.

Something in me urges me to look even more closely at her. To really honestly look at her. To “see” her.

So I go deeper. Wow….in all actuality when I close my eyes and really listen to her, she is merely pointing out things (thoughts, feelings, beliefs, energy) that I have encountered on this journey. Things I have heard, seen, felt, witnessed, been taught, & exposed to. Things that I have held and claimed as my own when in truth these things do not belong to me, they are no good for me, and I need to rid myself of them.

When I really see her for who she is I realize that she seeks to hold no power over me.

She simply points out the fallacies and it is up to me to acknowledge them and then LET THEM GO.

In truth She is my ally not my enemy. I have fought her and battled her for years to no avail, but today I see her for who she truly is.

She is my partner in truth. She reveals it and I must heal it.

She was never here to hurt me, only to assist me in staying on path. She is part of my navigation system and is here to help me move fluidly through the experience.

When her words and revelations have caused me to feel hurt, pain, discomfort, sadness, fear, anger or worry. She is only attempting to show me that I am off path and therefore out of alignment with my true nature and my desires. She is attempting to guide me back to my bliss, to my purpose, to my vortex, to my center.

She is attempting to warn me that a situation or experience is in contrast to the reality I desire.

She shows me the lie so that I can replace it with my truth.

My truth is what evaporates the lies.

My love is what erases the sadness, pain, worry, anger and fear.

My LIGHT is what eradicates the Darkness.

To truly know her is to Love her.

I can now embrace her and thank her for the role she plays in my life as I continue on this Journey to Self Discovery.

My Observation for the Day: “What we see depends mainly on what we look for.” ― John Lubbock

With peace & a greater understanding,


365 Days of Allowing – My Journey: Day 13~Kiss of Confirmation


Day 13 on this journey was pretty slow moving and not much happened as far as activity is concerned.

I spent the day at home doing much of nothing, but I was relaxed and even a bit silly.

I had no desire to take on or conquer the world at the moment, only wanted to bask in the pleasure that is ME.

No marketing plans, no strategies, no fixes, no game plan, No Deep thoughts,

Just Me enjoying the moment

Enjoying the peace…

Enjoying Being

Enjoying Me…

It’s funny that on this day of none movement, none activity, none thinking

I receive one of the most direct messages to my soul from a most unexpected source: Jon Bon Jovi to be specific. (**giggling**)

I am told very clearly…that I AM in alignment with the I AM. That I am moving in the direction of my bliss and to stay the course.

I am smiling inside & out.

Thank you universe for the kiss of confirmation.

With Love & A Greater Understanding,