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Random Musings: I Still Believe in Love and Magic



“There are plenty of kind hearts, open minds, & beautiful spirits walking the planet that would make the most amazing partners.

The challenge is that we are often unable to connect with or even see them clearly because we are still a bit stuck in the energy of past disappointments, somewhat fragmented, and in some ways a little bit broken.

When we are in this state we often unconsciously attract the very types of people and experiences that we wish to avoid. The reason is because we are focusing so much thought and energy on what we don’t want rather than visualizing what we do want.

We get into a mode of protection and place so much energy on making sure we keep our eyes open for all of the red flags in a hope to avoid past mistakes, not realizing that like a magnetic energy field our constant attention to those things actually draws them into our lives rather than repels them.

We must raise our vibes to a better place via whatever means works for us individually (prayer, meditation, music, movement…whatever helps you to reconnect to the true core of who you are – Your God Essence.)

It is from this elevated state of wholeness that we are then in the most perfect space to attract, receive, & reciprocate all the beautiful things our hearts and souls desire.” ~ By: Twin Spirit ❤


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Happy New Year!! Welcome 2016!


2016 TwinSpirit - To Do List

My 2016 “To Do List”
By: TwinSpirit
1. Just BE
(Continue Being Myself)
2. Keep Listening to my heart & balancing it with my mind
(They are both equally Divine Guidance Systems)
3. Socialize a little more
(I can be a hermit because I love “me” time &
4. Take a few Hair Style & Fashion adventures
(I’m ready for a new look)
5. Play More / Love More / Think Less
(Your Brain Needs a rest sometimes)
6. Collaborate More
(You don’t have to do it All)
7. Date More
(This means saying yes to invites)
8. Let Go
(Of anything that no longer serves you…no matter what it is)
9. Set My Feminine Free
(Yes you are a warrior but you are also a Goddess too)
10. Do Whatever You Want To
(Your Limitations are all imaginary & self imposed – Often motivated by Fears )
HAPPY 2016 – It’s Going To Be An Amazingly Wonderful Journey!!!
The soul living this life as TwinSpirit