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Random Musings: The POWER in Me



Life is always as good as you make it. I’ve rarely ever allowed what’s happening outside of me to dictate what’s happening inside of me.

It’s another new day and as far as I am concerned one still filled with amazing possibility 🙂 I have Love to share, Dreams to pursue, Visions to manifest, Questions to answer, Mountains to climb, A Voice to be heard, Relationships to nurture, Music to create, Hearts to heal, Memories to make, Life to be lived…many Beautiful New experiences await me.

Fear & Anger have never been what motivates or inspires me. A Spirit of Defeat has known no residence in my Heart or Soul. So why would I allow current events to cause them to take root now. The truth is #SometimesYouThinkYoureLosingButYouReallyWinning

I am the same Powerful Spirit this morning that I was when I closed my eyes and went to sleep last night. Nothing has changed. I am still the Architect of my lifes design. An Alchemist transforming the energetic flow. A Seer & Soothsayer tapping into my divine resources. A Warrior motivated by love. A Goddess allowing my feminine magick to manifest the reality I desire. “I AM”…and there is nothing that can stop my Growth. ~ Always TwinSpirit

Random Musings: Be Whoever the Hell You Want To BE!!



This Image Crossed My Newsfeed Today on Facebook. Below are the thoughts it Inspired:

“There is NO Singular way to be “BLACK” or any other color of the rainbow for that matter.The black experience is simply whatever experiences you have while living this life as a Dark Hued person. We limit ourselves when we limit what is acceptable to any group. Be whoever the hell you want to be!! KEEP flowing, embracing, experiencing, trying, growing, living, exploring, questioning, transforming, creating, and BEING whatever your spirit desires to be. It’s YOUR Life so Live it Your Way ‪#‎UnapologeticallyMe‬‪#‎FreeToBe‬” ~ Twin Spirit


Random Musings: More Kindness, Less Judgement



An image of a plate of Soul Food came across my news feed this morning. The poster commented how if a woman he was dating served him this plate of food that he would break up with her and he even described it as a “Slave Plate”. Many of the comments that followed while factually accurate with regard to how certain foods chemically react with the body were delivered in such an unloving and condescending tone that it made the information unpalatable and not very easy to receive. It made me ask myself 2 questions: Why Do We Take Such Pride In Judging Others and Why Do Those Who Have Decided To Walk A New Path Condemn Those Who Are On The Path They Chose To Leave Behind?

Let’s be clear on one thing….Food Choices Are Not a Moral Issue

“A culture that redefines food choices as moral issues will demonize the people who don’t share the tastes of the priest class. A culture that elevates eating to some holistic act of ethical self-definition will find the casual carefree choices of the less-enlightened as an affront to their belief system. Leave it to Humans to invent a Puritan strain of Epicurianism.”

There are certainly moral issues around food – including the lack of food for many people around the world, how food is produced or processed, living out our convictions through the food we buy and serve other people, sharing the things we know with other people in an informative, non-judgemental way, and so on.

The issue, though, comes when we start to judge other people based on the food choices they’re making for themselves and their families.

We assume that because we’ve been convicted of something, they should be too, and therefore they’re making “inferior” choices out of laziness or, if they say they can’t afford to eat better, because of poor financial management or ignorance.

I think it is easy to forget how overwhelming it is to go against the stream when you’ve grown up eating a certain way that often includes many processed foods. Our whole lives, we’ve been taught that it’s convenient! And manufactured to have all the nutrients you need! And affordable! In some cases, someone may have read all the same literature as you and simply disagree.

“We know that we all have knowledge on some things. Knowledge puffs up, but love edifies.”

“But food does not commend us to Source (God); for neither if we eat are we the better, nor if we do not eat are we the worse.”

We will likely never all agree about food choices or life choices for that matter, and while it is great to build a network of people who do view food and other lifestyle choices the same way you do, we also need to respect those who choose to eat foods or live in a way we disagree with… without being arrogant or judgmental in our interactions.

“As the greatest cause of Dis-Ease in man is often the heavy servings of guilt, condemnation, judgement, impatience, intolerance, & lack of love that we feed one another on a daily basis.” ~ Twin Spirit​ – Shared in a spirit of ❤

Random Musings: Don’t Miss Out On A Gift Because You Judged The Wrapping..



“We often miss the very things we want, need, & desire. The things we have longed for and prayed for simply because they come wrapped in a package that may look or feel differently than we expected or hoped for. Within many of the packages, which could be in the form of people, opportunities, moments, challenges etc., that appear before us in life often resides a gift that many of us fail to unwrap.

We often never take the time to remove the wrapper & explore the contents to see what awaits us inside, because the packages doesn’t look as beautiful or feel as comfortable as we thought they should. Be careful not to Miss Out on Your Gifts Because You impatiently judged and then refused or discarded the Package….Many a Treasure have Been Thrown Away Never to See the Light of Day” – from the heart & soul of Twin Spirit 

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365 Days of Allowing – My Journey: Day 18- The Verdict is In…Judgement



When you project your experience on others, you do not allow them the voice of their own experience.

When you choke others opinions with your insistence that you are correct, this does not come from a place of love, it comes from ego.

It comes from attachment to personal experience, not from the others presence in the NOW moment.

Allow others the fluidity of just being.

Allow their authentic self to emerge from the waters, being true to their own experiences.

Your experience (which includes your thoughts, feelings, observations, perspective, beliefs, values, etc.)  is unique to you

and NOT a model on how others ‘should’ behave and live their lives.

~ Shared with Love