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Random Musings: I am NOT my Skin!!



This was on my heart Today and I felt compelled to share: It may trigger some and perhaps inspire others but it is my TRUTH! I Am NOT My Skin….

My Human experience is not limited to or defined by the color of my skin. As gloriously beautiful as my sun-kissed melanin-rich brown skin may be it alone does not inherently decide my path.

My exquisite brown skin, while divinely designed, determines not my Value, my Character, my Future, my Creativity, my Intelligence, my Beauty, my Strength, my Ability, my Courage, my Contribution, the expansiveness of my Spirit, the depth of my Love, nor the Capacity of my Mind to manifest. It is not the sum total of My Worth! To think otherwise diminishes the potentiality of the Powerful(l) spirit that is Me.

While those things may be influenced by the multitude of circumstances and experiences that I have been exposed to, many beyond the scope of my control, and may shape my journey; they have absolutely NO POWER to decide my ultimate fate. That decision and choice reside only with ME!

I will not perpetuate a spirit of hate or fear, nor support instilling a complex of inferiority or victim mindset. I will not villainize or condemn all of the other beautiful shades of the rainbow due to the crimes against humanity inflicted by some beings colored in that shade.

Nor do I subscribe to inspiring an over-inflated stance of superiority or sense of entitlement based solely on skin tone into the hearts and minds of those whose skin is painted a brilliant shade of brown or any other shade for that matter.

Yes, You Matter, and You Matter, & You Matter simply because you “ARE” & you “EXIST” because you woke up this morning and YOU ARE HERE!! Because you are a Divine Being finding your way through this Human Experience ….Not because of your color, your system of belief, your race, your religion, your sexuality, your economic class, your education, your size, your history, your culture, your relationship status, how you live, how you love, what you eat, how you speak, where you were born, your challenges, your maltreatment, your triumphs, successes, or failures…but for no other reason than You being YOU!!!

I will NEVER give my POWER to BE Any and Everything that I dream and desire over to some preconceived notion or stereotype of who I Am or ought to be. Nobody that has come, is here now, or will ever Be gets to determine my Journey but the GOD in ME!

Outside factors may provide a palette of colorful experience but I and I alone get to paint my world and I choose to paint mine POWERFULLY BEAUTIFUL while proudly donning skin in a Beautiful shade of Chocolate Brown!!

Shared with nothing but Love from the Heart, Mind, Body, & Soul of the Spiritual Being living this life journey as Twin Spirit #UnapologeticallyLovingMe #Free – For More of my Random Musings Feel Free to Follow my Blog: www.MyBeautifulUglyWorld.wordpress.com


Random Musings: From My Heart With Love….


TwinSpirit - The Glance“Me..TODAY…My Afro pulled into a high bun…Goddess (GodIs) Power in Full Effect…Feeling Great…Radiating Nothing But LOVE ENERGY!! No Worries..No Fears. We Must Always Lead By The Clarity of Our Example…I had a Beautiful Day Today and I expect to have more and more of the same.  As my Joy, Happiness, Success, & Peace are not Contingent upon approval, acceptance, understanding, acknowledgment, or reciprocity from sources outside of me, for none of those things can ever be a true gauge of the Essence of the Beautiful Divine Spirit that is ME!! Aware…I Embrace the True Essence of Me. Unhindered by unsolicited expectations of who others think I should be ~ Simply Put I AM FREE. Free to Love or Hate, Build Up or Break Down, Rise or Fall, Move Forward or Step Back, Focus on Problems or Become the Solution.

Never do I expect others to do for me what I have not done for self…Never can I expect others to give to my family and community (whatever those may look like as they come in various combinations)
those things that I have not given…that includes love, nurturing, understanding, embracing, respect, motivation, protection, acceptance, support, encouragement, kindness, patience, & forgiveness. Seeing beyond the titles given & roles previously played, focusing less on the shortcomings and more on the beauty & strength that resides within, Accepting Our Contribution to the Chaos and making it our mission to unlock the hidden gifts that have always dwelled there in. More Uplifting & less in fighting. More Coming Together & Less Pulling Apart. Dwelling Less on the What Was and More on the What Will BE. Becoming the Very Things that I Wish This World To Be…Starting with ME ❤

The Savior, with many names, that billions the world over have been waiting for is already here. It is US (individually & collectively)…We are the answer to all of the Questions. We are the Key that Unlocks the mysteries. We are the “ONE” that will save the World. GOD is Pure Love (Energy) and Love (Energy) is from which we all came.  We (The INFINITELY INCLUSIVE ALL) are IT, it is US. Unified as ONE we have the power to create a NEW WORLD. Filled with the essence of who we are and built on a foundation of…LOVE.

Release yourself from the prison of perceived limitations, self doubt, fear, & the Illusion of Separation that Holds Us hostage and redirect Your Focus & Attention to those things that draw Us closer and align Us with the True Essence and Power of Who we ARE…those things that strengthen us, unify us, release us from the lies that bind, heal us, grow us, push us forward & force us to stand together. Those experiences that excite Us & ignite Our passions. Those moments that stir our souls and Set our hearts on fire…those moments that catapult us from Sleep & Complacency, for it is during those times that we feel deeply & are alive, at One with Source (God), Connected to All that is and All that Will Be, positioned back in our true roles as Architects of our future & co-creators of our Reality….Free to BEcome Whatever it is We Desire  🙂

AWAKEN..You ARE a beautifully Divine and Powerful Creator..Remember who YOU are…Remember who WE are. Embrace the Magic, Embrace the Power, Embrace & Support One Another…Trust that LOVE (of Self & Others) is the Answer to ALL of the Questions”

From My Heart with LOVE – Twin Spirit