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Random Musings: Let It Go!!!



“Sometimes the best BEST thing you can do is simply “Let Go”….

Of people who don’t value you, expectations, fears, pain, unhealthy connections, judgements, preconceived notions, lost causes, unrequited love, the desire to control, playing small, being a martyr, game players, situations that leave you unfulfilled, time wasters, essence zappers, & spirit breakers.

Holding on tightly to and focusing on these things drains your energy and distracts you from all of the possibilities that await you. Life goes on and the sun always rises and shines its light brightly somewhere everyday…So Should We! #BeLikeTheSUN” ~ Words from the heart of: Twin Spirit #SharedWithLove


Happy New Year!! Welcome 2016!


2016 TwinSpirit - To Do List

My 2016 “To Do List”
By: TwinSpirit
1. Just BE
(Continue Being Myself)
2. Keep Listening to my heart & balancing it with my mind
(They are both equally Divine Guidance Systems)
3. Socialize a little more
(I can be a hermit because I love “me” time & naps..lol)
4. Take a few Hair Style & Fashion adventures
(I’m ready for a new look)
5. Play More / Love More / Think Less
(Your Brain Needs a rest sometimes)
6. Collaborate More
(You don’t have to do it All)
7. Date More
(This means saying yes to invites)
8. Let Go
(Of anything that no longer serves you…no matter what it is)
9. Set My Feminine Free
(Yes you are a warrior but you are also a Goddess too)
10. Do Whatever You Want To
(Your Limitations are all imaginary & self imposed – Often motivated by Fears )
HAPPY 2016 – It’s Going To Be An Amazingly Wonderful Journey!!!
The soul living this life as TwinSpirit