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Random Musings: Be-YOU-tiful




It’s okay to be different…Just Be YOU  TwinSpirit




Random Musings: All of Me or None of Me



“Feeling something in my heart is required for “ME” to feel sexually attracted to someone and to act on that attraction. I do find it rather interesting that some people still consider it prudish if you actually desire some semblance of emotional connection before engaging. I’m personally just not sexually attracted to beings who don’t move me or stir me deeply in some way. As I have said on many occasions My Heart is Connected to My Vagina and My Mind. They work together..They are a team. You can’t have one without the other. That’s just how I’m wired. People like to pick and choose the pieces of you they want. I say..You take all of me or None of Me ❣  ‪#‎UnapologeticallyMeAndProud‬” ~ Twin Spirit