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Random Musings: Just Do It Anyway



When the world doesn’t understand the reason why you Sing…Just Sing Anyway

When they do not understand why you choose to Smile in the midst of the storms…Just Smile Anyway

When they question your motives and heart for doing what you feel is Right…Just Follow Your Heart Anyway

When they mock and criticize the platform or methods “You” choose in the Fight for Change…Just Keep Fighting Anyway

When they attempt to shame you because you dare to think for yourself and have a mind of your own…Just Keep Thinking Anyway

When the world attempts to Dictate Your Position, Silence your Voice, or Dim Your Light…Just KEEP Shining Anyway

There are many paths one can take to effect change…Each one unique yet Equally Powerful and Important.

Find Your Path, Your Voice, Your Cause, Your Purpose, Your Platform….and Just Do It YOUR Way

~ Twin Spirit




Random Musings: Mediocrity is a Prison



“Mediocrity is a prison that entraps people and steals dreams. It’s the one prison where breaking out is the right thing to do. Wanting a thing is not enough, you must know that it is possible and believe that you can in fact achieve it. We settle for many things in life not because its what we truly desire but because we are afraid to want more, believe it’s the best we will ever have, and/or we simply won’t do the work required to have a better experience.” ~ Twin Spirit #BeInspired To LIVE Your Best Life

Random Musings: Nothing & Everything



I am everything and nothing at the same time

I am weak. I am strong. Insane. Of Sound Mind.

I give and I take. Destroy and I Make.

Stand still and I Grow. Confused and I Know.

There is more. There is Less.

It’s ALL GOOD and I’m Blessed.

I am able to See that connected we BE.

There is You. There is Me. Collectively WE!!

By: TwinSpirit

© 2014 TwinSpirit/Beautiful Ugly Publishing – All Rights Reserved

Random Musings: Featured on “Women Move the Soul” :-)


Check Out My Feature Article on “Women Move The Soul” 

Big Thanks and Shout Out to Tomaca Govan for the beautiful interview, write up, and the wonderfully positive energy 🙂


Most Grateful for the Opportunity to Connect & Share My Passions 🙂

with Love,