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Random Musings: Ode to the Queendom 2017



ODE TO THE QUEENDOM 2017!! I love all of my sisters in every shape, size, color, & walk of life. Everyone of YOU!! Your feminine energy is magical and powerful. We are all beautiful reflections of Yin energy manifested. I wish for you what I wish for myself: Wholeness that blooms from the inside, Freedom to live the Life your Spirit craves, Acceptance of the Gifts you possess, Acknowledgement of the Value you bring, Realization that the Magic we possess is a Real thing not just a catch phrase, Honoring the Heart of You.

The releasing of any limiting ways of thinking & being, Letting go of the notion that Love comes from anywhere but within Us and is in infinite supply, Embracing the Divine Power & Beauty of your Sexuality is life changing as you realize your sexual energy is key to your creative energy, Understanding that your ability to Emote & Feel Deeply is a Super Power.

Understanding that Your Worth is not tied to and never was determined by who does or does not love, want, support, or accept you nor is it determined by the thickness of your waist, the fullness of your breast, the wetness of your vagina, the texture of your hair, the shade of your skin, or the roundness of your behind. Knowing your physical beauty doesn’t even begin to compare to the majesty & depth of the inner beauty of your heart, mind, & soul. Standing firm in the Knowledge that You, every single part of you, belongs ONLY to You and you my dear are Amazing.

Releasing of jealousy & insecurity because they are illusions based in fear and a lack mindset. We are not in competition one with the other but billions of brilliant bright rays of light reflecting various incarnations of God energy expressing itself fully, Each uniquely unfolding and revealing vast power & unlimited possibilities.

I wish for you inner peace, courage to design the life of your dreams, the gift of self care, comfort in moments of uncertainty, the power to hold on & the innate wisdom and strength needed to know when it’s time to let go. I wish you boldness, clarity, prosperity, vision, laughter, passion, freedom, & joy that resonates from places deep within you. The path is yours to choose & the picture yours to paint. There is no “RIGHT” way only the way that works for YOU!!

You are a Woman, a Goddess, & a Warrior. An Alchemist, teacher, healer, master manifestor, creator extraordinaire, a weaver of dreams, and giver of life. A seer, a deep thinker, intuitive being, the glue that binds generation to generation and dimension to dimension. There is nothing weak about you and you need NO ONES permission to Shine & Glow …because you already DO. Illuminated by the divine eternal flame. The original Spark. All that we are is energy, and that energy has no boundaries. It is infinite, it is the invisible force that permeates all space, and it is the force that connects all things because it is all things. Everything in the universe is connected by this energy. You are this energy. Goddess…God Is You The power to change your life and the world resides in YOU 🙂

Words by & Shared with the deepest of Love & Respect direct from the heart of Me ~ Your Sistar Twin Spirit

©2017 Beautiful Ugly Publishing


Happy New Year!! Welcome 2016!


2016 TwinSpirit - To Do List

My 2016 “To Do List”
By: TwinSpirit
1. Just BE
(Continue Being Myself)
2. Keep Listening to my heart & balancing it with my mind
(They are both equally Divine Guidance Systems)
3. Socialize a little more
(I can be a hermit because I love “me” time & naps..lol)
4. Take a few Hair Style & Fashion adventures
(I’m ready for a new look)
5. Play More / Love More / Think Less
(Your Brain Needs a rest sometimes)
6. Collaborate More
(You don’t have to do it All)
7. Date More
(This means saying yes to invites)
8. Let Go
(Of anything that no longer serves you…no matter what it is)
9. Set My Feminine Free
(Yes you are a warrior but you are also a Goddess too)
10. Do Whatever You Want To
(Your Limitations are all imaginary & self imposed – Often motivated by Fears )
HAPPY 2016 – It’s Going To Be An Amazingly Wonderful Journey!!!
The soul living this life as TwinSpirit

Random Musings: 2014 The Year of “Can”


goodbye cant

As 2013 comes to a close..we bid adieu to the “Mindset of Can’t”…those self-limiting beliefs that hold you back and set a ceiling of what is possible for you. – Listen to your inner thoughts. Are they leading you to happiness and success or to unhappiness and failure? – Instead of focusing on why something cannot be done think how you can do it. – Your negative self-talk is like a virus that infects your self-esteem and self-confidence. – The only thing that’s keeping you from getting what you want is the story you keep telling yourself. – Conquer you limiting beliefs and nothing can prevent you from achieving success in anything you want. – 2014 The Year of “Can” – Shared with Love Twin Spirit