365 Days of Allowing – My Journey: Day 23 ~ I Just Want To Be Naked


NAKED By: TwinSpirit

Can you see me? Really see me?

Do you know me? Really know me?

Wanna feel me? Really feel me?

Or just wanna control me?

Can you handle me naked?

I just wanna be naked.

No clothes, no makeup

just my natural hair.

No agendas or expectations

Preconceived notions or cares

Just my body baby. My feelings, thoughts, and desires.

My soul, my center. Moving higher and higher.

Can you handle me naked.

I just wanna be naked.


Many have asked me exactly what these lyrics mean, what this song is talking about, and what inspired me to write it.

Some never make it past the surface meaning and get caught up in the realm of physical possibilities.

While I agree that physical nakedness is a truly liberating thing and most definitely pleasurable. There is something to be said for digging just a little deeper and delving beneath the surface of nakedness.

There is a beauty and freedom that comes from the ability to be totally and completely open, honest, and transparent in all that you say and do.

It is a truly a powerful thing.

To share and reveal without concern or worry of approval or disapproval. To simply “BE” in each and every moment. Knowing that being authentic truth is its own reward.

One of the greatest gifts that you can give yourself is to detach yourself from needing the approval of others. When you are attached to outside approval, you are doubting “your” ability, “your” instincts,  “your” talent, “your” contribution, and YOUR POWER.

We all desire the space to just be who we are.

To think what we choose, love how we choose, to explore, express, to feel.

To swim in the ocean of life, to embrace it and taste it. To draw our own conclusions.

To laugh, to cry, to scream, to dance.

To shine, to glow, to move, to flow.

To give, to see, to grow, to BE.

So peel back the layers. Reveal, embrace, & love yourself…period.

Finally allow yourself to see and reconnect with the U of YOU.

No makeup, no mask, no expectations, no fashion statements, no agendas, no pretending, no dogmas, just the pure raw Naked You…the Soul. In all its natural organically orgasmic beauty.

Your size, shape, color, social status, sexual status, financial status, religious affiliation, life experiences…While these things color your world they are not the true determining factors to your worth or value.

Share your story. Be courageous enough  to say “YES”  to your Dreams, Desires, Intuitions, Feelings, Hopes, Creative Energy, Passions…in essence your SPIRIT.

Decide to say “YES” to living the reality that you were born to live.

Go on…take the road less traveled and  live a life of Purpose on Purpose.


With love & a greater understanding,



About TwinSpirit

"To know me is to..well..know "ME". Life and all its wonders do not scare me. I live with an open heart so I have known my fair share of disappointments but the JOY I have experienced totally outweighs the pain..I choose LOVE not FEAR!!" SO WHO IS TWINSPIRIT? Well, I am a Singer/songwriter/producer/director/revolutionary/FreeSpirit/mother/poet/sister/lover/friend/and all around cool azz chic. (Just ask anybody...lol) ABOUT MY MUSIC: (excerpt from my Bio) TwinSpirit delivers her own uniquely flavored brew of "Hypnotic Jazzy Soul with a Kick Ass Punch". This singer/songwriter has the ability to transcend genres. She is a master at her craft and flows effortlessly from one musical style to the next. TwinSpirit infuses an essence that only she can give to the performance....she brings the song "To Life". "TwinSpirit keeps her performance real with a raw edge. She sways from soulful poetic melodies to delivering powerful deeply felt vocals." TwinSpirit is not about conventions. In fact, she might rather you see both sides of a thing just so you can truly know where you stand." MY SOUND: An Alternative blend of jazz, hip-hop, rock & soul. All of which is blended to bring you my own uniquely flavored brew of: "HYPNOTIC JAZZY SOUL WITH A KICK ASS PUNCH!!!". Please visit me online anytime www.Epresskitz.com/TwinSpirit MY OTHER PASSION: Promoting Other talented Souls Founder of The SOFA Series www.TheSofaSeries.com The SOFA Series was created to develop opportunities that "pay" artists to perform and also allows them to showcase their work in a supportive environment, while at the same time, bringing together individuals that share a passion for the art, creativity, & rawness of live music performances. A space that allows the performers to refocus their energy on their craft and put the "Art" back in Artist. A space that allows the listening audience to connect with the Artist & the music. Always looking to connect, to build, to GROW!! So drop me a line & say hello...I promise I don't bite (unless of course you're into that sort of thing ;-) For you Twitter lovers by all means FOLLOW ME @TwinSpiritWorld

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