365 Days of Allowing – My Journey: Day 3~ Yes…


As I awoke from my nap today…as I was opening my eyes. There appeared before me a quick flash of a small black screen, reminiscent of the old silent black and white films, and on that screen there was a very small word and that word was “yes”…..and as quickly as it appeared it vanished.

That’s all it said was yes.

I rolled over in my bed and began to ponder that word….such a small word. Three little letters. Y E S.

My mind began to think about all the time we spend saying “no” and how much of an impact it would make if we spent that same fraction of time saying “yes”….To our hopes, to our dreams, to our hearts, to our bodies, to our minds, to our desires, and to our needs.

I thought about how we have been trained and conditioned to focus most of our thoughts and energy on what might go wrong, what others will think, what can’t be done, what happened in the past, what other people’s motives are, & what we don’t have. We invest so much of our precious time and thought energy on worrying, negative thoughts, & fears. This pattern of thought ultimately leads us to one word and that word is “no”.

We deny ourselves of so many life experiences because our risk meter is set to: NO. We talk ourselves out of so many opportunities because our point of focus is set on: NO. Our answer to so many of life’s questions is always NO and then we wonder why things never seem to change.

How dramatically different our perspectives and lives would be if we adjusted our internal gauges and spent more time & energy saying YES. If we became YES focused.

Rather than thinking about what might go wrong, how about focusing on what is going right. Rather than wondering what others will think, how about focusing on how the item in question will make you feel: If that feeling is Good, or Joyful, or Happy-then the answer to your question should be YES. Let’s spend less time focusing on what can’t be done and instead focus on what can be done. Lets worry less about what happened in the past and redirect that energy to the good and beautiful things that are happening right NOW.  How about focusing all of your energy on what your motives are and the life you desire to create for yourself, that will leave little time to be distracted by focusing your energy and thoughts on what others are doing: To be even more direct-Spend Your Time Minding Your Own Business…it’s truly a lot more productive. Lastly, place more focus on what you do have and less on what you don’t. You will see that your list of Haves is so much longer than your list of Have Nots…Focusing on what you have brings you into a state of Gratitude.

So learn to say YES more often.

Say YES to that new idea.

Say YES to your desires.

Say YES when asked to step outside of your comfort zone.

Say YES when presented with a new challenge.

Say YES to Love.

Say YES to Change.

Just say YES to Life and you will be amazed at how often life will say YES to You.

With Love and greater understanding,


About TwinSpirit

"To know me is to..well..know "ME". Life and all its wonders do not scare me. I live with an open heart so I have known my fair share of disappointments but the JOY I have experienced totally outweighs the pain..I choose LOVE not FEAR!!" SO WHO IS TWINSPIRIT? Well, I am a Singer/songwriter/producer/director/revolutionary/FreeSpirit/mother/poet/sister/lover/friend/and all around cool azz chic. (Just ask anybody...lol) ABOUT MY MUSIC: (excerpt from my Bio) TwinSpirit delivers her own uniquely flavored brew of "Hypnotic Jazzy Soul with a Kick Ass Punch". This singer/songwriter has the ability to transcend genres. She is a master at her craft and flows effortlessly from one musical style to the next. TwinSpirit infuses an essence that only she can give to the performance....she brings the song "To Life". "TwinSpirit keeps her performance real with a raw edge. She sways from soulful poetic melodies to delivering powerful deeply felt vocals." TwinSpirit is not about conventions. In fact, she might rather you see both sides of a thing just so you can truly know where you stand." MY SOUND: An Alternative blend of jazz, hip-hop, rock & soul. All of which is blended to bring you my own uniquely flavored brew of: "HYPNOTIC JAZZY SOUL WITH A KICK ASS PUNCH!!!". Please visit me online anytime www.Epresskitz.com/TwinSpirit MY OTHER PASSION: Promoting Other talented Souls Founder of The SOFA Series www.TheSofaSeries.com The SOFA Series was created to develop opportunities that "pay" artists to perform and also allows them to showcase their work in a supportive environment, while at the same time, bringing together individuals that share a passion for the art, creativity, & rawness of live music performances. A space that allows the performers to refocus their energy on their craft and put the "Art" back in Artist. A space that allows the listening audience to connect with the Artist & the music. Always looking to connect, to build, to GROW!! So drop me a line & say hello...I promise I don't bite (unless of course you're into that sort of thing ;-) For you Twitter lovers by all means FOLLOW ME @TwinSpiritWorld

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